Friday, June 19, 2009

Writing tips from "William Forrester"

It was last Saturday when I finally watched the movie "Finding Forrester" on TV5, a local channel here in the Philippines. I haven't watched the movie before that's why I'm so glad that TV5 had a very good selection of films. I love the movie because it gave some tips on writing, maybe because one of the characters was a writer himself.

Anyway, I watched the movie from the beginning, but unfortunately, I never finished the last ten minutes of it. I fell sleep on the sofa. Har har har. So, I had to ask my brother what happened at the end of the movie. But of course, I won't tell you because this is not a movie review for "Finding Forrester". Before the writing tips taken from the movie, here are some little information about the film.

"Finding Forrester" is the 2000 film about a teenager who befriends a reclusive writer, William Forrester, played by Sean Connery. William Forrester is a fictional character by the way. And that's it! And now for the writing tips from William Forrester himself.


• No thinking — that comes later. When it comes to writing something, William Forrester suggested that let your fingers do the work. No thinking is allowed when you write. Just write as freely as it should. There are times that when you think something to write, you get blocked. Here comes the writer's block dilemma. A writer's block is something that a writer should not experience, because writing is his/her life. When the writer's block occurred to a writer, especially when he/she is a season writer... surely... it's the end of the world!

• You must write your first draft with your heart. There is nothing like your first time... draft that is! The first draft is always the basis of writing a novel, an essay, a poem or even a blog entry! Writers would always suggest that you always make your first draft with all your heart! Why? Because, there is truth in writing when you write from the heart. The fiction can become so real when every writer, blogger or author writes from the heart! Do you think this blog entry is written with all my heart? Hahaha... you decide...!

• You rewrite with your head. Okay, so finally had your first draft! The next step is to re-read your work and rewrite something if you have missed out one part or you thought of another storyline or you have thought of another information that you might just wanted to add. Edit or proofread your work... that is very necessary in writing! You edit and proofread with your head... You use your editing knowledge and proofreading skills for this part! Scan for misspelled words... There is nothing like a perfect writing... or at least an almost perfect one...

• The first key to writing is... to write, not to think! That's why it's called WRITING!!! Otherwise... it will not be called that way... Writing sometimes involves different writing media — pens, pencils, typewriters, computer keyboards — whichever media you prefer... as long as you only write... you are not violating anything! Don't you just love the way your fingers do the keyboard strokes when you type? Or perhaps... Don't you just love the sound of typing? Scribbles, perhaps? Writing always starts with a move of one finger and then followed by the next. If your finger do not move, no writing will be done.

So there. I hope you have learned something from William Forrester himself. I only do the expounding of ideas, because those are what I've have learned from him. Give me your thoughts on these. Thank you for reading!

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  1. I usually don't rewrite. Maybe because when I would rewrite a piece, I lost the feeling when I first wrote it.

    Wahaha... magulo ba?

  2. @richie: oh no... actually, i understand! hahahaha... i know the feeling! hahahha

  3. I have it the other way around. I'd like to think it over and over - my blog post idea. The mind is a great word processor, my friend. It has copy and paste, too. And you can even put the whole thing in the recycle bin if you want to.

    But when I actually write, I'm striving very hard not to edit at the same time that I write. It's very costly and time consuming process.

    Now I've learned to just write them all down with no care for grammar, organization and coherence. Or even clarity.

    If it's done, then the editor in me takes over. Then the rewrite man comes next. And before I hit the publish button, I have to get the proofreader.

    See? I have so many under my employ. It's very convenient I have multiple personalities - makes for a leaner budget. Ahahaha.

    Well done. It's provoked me to write a long comment e mag aalas dos na ng umaga. Ano bah! ahahaha.

    Good morning, yatotski. ",) Lumabas ka na nga sa lungga. Tapos na ang birthday mo eh. lols

  4. @jan: will i feel scared when you said that you have multiple personalities? wahehehhe... ako i don't mind the grammar din! but organization for me is very important... thanks for writing your ideas and personal experiences in writing!

  5. hey, off topic!

    Happy Birthday! hehehe.

  6. @JP: thanks sa pagbati! hehehhe... ^_^

  7. cool naman ng movie n yan...kailangan ko mapanuod 'tong movie na 'to.. ^__^

  8. Those look like sound writing tips. Masubukan nga...

  9. @kelvin: thanks for dropping by... if your not into conversational movies you might not want the film, but overall it's good!

    @lucrecio: yeah! i agree... coming from the fictional author william forrester himself.. i must agree! hehehe!

  10. Lovely movie indeed, had a life of its own... learned a lot about writing!

  11. @Abhishek: i agree! a must see for every writer!

  12. That was a nice movie and about the tips it must be cool cause they are form WILLIAM FORRESTER

  13. @zenaire: i do think so that it is a good movie... thanks for visiting here on my blog!


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