Saturday, December 27, 2008

How to become more productive during the Christmas vacation?

It's the fourth day of the very long Christmas vacation in the Philippines. Christmas has already ended, and yet, another celebration is coming up. In just a few days, people will start counting the New Year's Countdown and we are going to welcome the year 2009 with a bang! Hehehe... ok maybe not.. it's just an expression!

Anyway, I have been doing a lot of things these past few days because of the Christmas celebration at home. We prepared a lot of stuffs and cook a lot of foods for the holidays because we expected a lot of visitors that came into our house to celebrate with us. I think, for the past few days, I have been a very productive person. Hahaha...

So, in this kind of long Christmas vacation, how can you make yourself productive? I mean, you cannot go to the office because it is closed. You won't be thinking a lot of stressful works during the time. No pressure, no arguments with the bosses, no catastrophic decisions that you will regret soon! Hahaha... Ok, seriously, say for example, you have this kind of long vacation (which by the way, our vacation starts from December 24, 2008 up to January 2, 2009), how will you spend this vacation the right and productive way? How will you become more productive? Here are some of the things that I can say on this matter:

• Read a novel or a book. Yes! There is no other way to improve your vocabulary for the coming year than to read more books and/or novels. This activity enhances your brain capacity, and it doesn't feel so dumb inside your head! I am currently reading a novel by Frank William Abagnale, Jr. yeah, if you are so familiar with the name, he is the man behind "Catch Me If You Can". I hope I can finish two more novels before the end of the Christmas vacation. Knowledge books can also enhances terminologies, skills and proficiency of a particular subject, especially science, mathematics and english subjects.

• Catch up previous episodes. Well, if you are not fond of reading books, catching up on your favorite television series by watching them on DVDs or CDs or free downloading them or watching them on streaming websites could be a fun way and a productive thing to do especially if you are following a certain story or interesting plot. I think I also got to watch again the previous season of Kyle XY because season 3 is up and coming this January. This will freshen me up on what had happened during the last few episodes. Ain't that a great idea?

• Learn a few recipes. If you are someone who do not know how to cook, well, I guess, now is the time you learn a few good and delicious recipes! With such a very long Christmas vacation, you have all the time in the world to master three to five recipes during this break! Learn how to cook a full course meal, or perhaps bake some brownies so that you can bring a few boxes to your office when work resumes, or perhaps prepare a delicious afternoon snack!

• Clean all the clutter. New year they say is all about cleaning and throwing all the garbage that we had from the previous year. So in order to start anew, you can, maybe, clean your house or your bedroom and remove all the clutter! Clutter is something that is in disorder. To remove the clutter, you must get things in order and the only way to do that is to clean it! The Christmas vacation is long enough to clean all the mess that you have done, right? Isn't that enough? Hehehe... Of course, cleaning would also include oneself. Throw all the negative vibes inside you and put them all inside the trash can! To start a new life for the new year, you must also remove all the personal clutters in you!

How about you? How will you make your Christmas vacation more productive? Time is wasting if you don't use it to something useful, you know! Share with me your thoughts on being productive during the Holidays! Feel free to write your comments! :D

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  1. Ah, I'd wrestle with my Google Reader and get to do some serious reading. Unread stuff has climbed up to 350 and climbing. No.2 - stock up on sleep this vacation, if that were possible so I'd have recoup some strengths. No. 3 - clean up the clutter. Whaaa. Such a drag, but quite necessary to maintain one's sanity. Hehehe. Happy New Year.

  2. This holiday break i wish i could as much as unproductive as i can.. seriously.. i really want to just relax and never think of work, kahit termination na pagbalik ko kasi nag absent ako kahit critical workday..hahahaha

    i will just play games with my laptop all day long, watch movies, eat, sleep, sleep, sleep... yahooo!!!!!

  3. @jan: ako i have no idea kung ilan na ang nasa google reader ko! hahahha... sorry for the late reply.. super offline blog hiatus ako eh! hehhehe

    @lance: hahhaa... me too! gusto ko nga din sana bakasyon grande! oh... im sorry to hear about your soon to be termination... tsk tsk tsk... sana hindi matuloy!


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