Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Savory's Half Spring Chicken with Pansit Canton

It was a rainy evening when former officemate and friend, Mina and I decided to eat at a Savory (believe it or not, it is pronounced as SA-VOH-RI) branch near the terminal where we ride jeepney on the way home. It was the branch at 5th Avenue Station of LRT. The Savory branch was newly opened that time and customers where not really that much. It was raining hard outside and we were hungry, and the only eatery at sight was the Savory restaurant, so we decided to try out this newly opened branch since it's new and we were hungry.

It's really hard to decide what to eat, especially when there are a lot of food items on the menu. But we had to decide right away because the food that we ordered were still going to cook. This Savory branch is a restaurant-style branch, it is not like the fast-food Savory branches that we see at different malls nowadays. So, the food is really not a fast to serve. The food being served here is freshly-cooked and still hot but it did take about 30 minutes or so before we finally had our order.

And so, our order came. It was a deep-fried half spring chicken, one of Savory's signature dishes, and a half-plate of pansit canton (stir-fried noodles). Yummy as it looks in the photo above, the food was really satisfying. The spring chicken was juicy and flavorful. You won't be needing gravy sauce for that, but they served it anyway. I can still remember the smell of the spring chicken as it was being served to us on our table. Mmmmm...

Meanwhile, the pansit canton was also full of flavor. The noodles were cooked just right. As you eat the noodles, you will taste savory sauce in your mouth. The vegetables... the chicken gizzards... mmmm... love it.

Savory Chinese-style Restaurant is located at 5th Avenue, Caloocan City (just a few steps away from LRT 5th Avenue Station).


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