Monday, July 21, 2014

Chic-Boy's Saging Na Turon Sticks

It was Angge, my former officemate, who introduced Chic-Boy's Saging Na Turon (sweet banana wrap) to me a few years back. I remember Angge, Karen, and I went to three Chic-Boy fastfood chain branches just to eat these sweet treats. But unfortunately, these branches don't serve this dessert anymore due to unpopularity of menu.

And so, Saturday OT came. We tried once more to another branch of Chic-Boy, the branch that we already went a few days before. We were just hoping that they serve Chic-Boy's Saging Na Turon sticks on a much earlier time. So, we went there at around 4pm. This branch near Zirkoh finally served us what we were craving for for several days. It was a worth-the-wait-worth-the-sacrifices experience indeed.

Chic-Boy's Saging Na Turon sticks is composed of banana strips seasoned with sugar and wrapped in lumpiang shanghai wrapper, deep-fried to perfection, and served with sweet condensed milk. It is around P35 or so, about the size of an index finger, and served in six pieces.

Today, I think Chic-Boy does not serve this Saging Na Turon dessert in their menu. Maybe in some branches, but I think they already phased-out this dessert. How sad...


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