Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Islands Souvenirs Shop: Groom Yourself With Something That Will Make You Proud!

While I was waiting for the rain to stop during a mall stroll, I accidentally bumped into this store down at the lower ground of SM North Edsa. Called the Islands Souvenirs, I immediately got interested on the displays the store has to offer— t-shirts, ballers, t-shirts, bags, and more t-shirts galore!

The Islands Souvenirs is more of a store that sells t-shirt souvenirs when you are in or happens to visit Manila rather than a souvenir shop for tourists visiting Manila or other provinces. SM Department store's Kultura could have been a better choice for a souvenir shop rather than the Islands Souvenirs. However, if you are into looking for a t-shirt souvenir of your tour in Manila (for foreigners and balik-bayans), the Islands Souvenirs store is just the right t-shirt store for you!

The Islands Souvenirs has lots of prints for t-shirts, caps, ballers, keychains, and bags to choose from. The prints of their t-shirts are as colorful and wonderful as the culture here in Manila or in the Philippines, whichever you would like to prefer. The t-shirts, mostly composed Philippine map prints, stylized lettering of colorful designs, and some artsy-fartsy prints to choose from, are priced at a very affordable prices, depending on the prints and sizes. You can also personalized your t-shirt with their "heart" t-shirt for an instant statement shirt (e.g., I heart U, i heart manila, you heart me, etc.) at no extra charge for the first ten (10) letters! Yes, it's FREE! (Additional payment per letter after the free ten letters are being implemented.)

Personally, I liked the "I like Manila" shirt and one of the Philippine map shirt prints, but due to lack of my t-shirt size, I opted not to buy the t-shirt and instead choose the "heart" statement shirt. Since I really love to write and express myself through blogging, I had an idea to write what I "heart" desires. Hahaha! So, below is what I have right now!

So, if you are a fan of t-shirts with cool and colorful designs, and you are a patriot yourself that you want to buy original Filipino products to help your country, and grooming yourself with cool t-shirts and different accessories is really your forte or way of life... whew... then visit your nearest Islands Souvenirs store at your favorite malls. The one I visited is located at:

Islands Souvenirs
Lower Ground Floor
SM North Edsa
Quezon City

Below are some of the store has to offer. Happy shopping!


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