Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brisk Walking for Good Health!

We all know that walking is good for our body. It keeps our heart healthy and can maintain your body weight better. But if we are trying to lose weight just by walking for hours, why not a try a different alternative but the joy of walking is still there!

It's called brisk walking! I've been practicing brisk walking for a several months now and I can say that it really helps me sweat out more than traditional walking. Medical professionals and experts say, brisk walking helps fight against stress, improve heart rate and blood circulation and can burn more calories than that of traditional walking. Below is a news report on how we can practice brisk walking and its benefits.

So all you have to do to maintain a certain body weight OR to lose weight is to take 100 brisk walk per minute for only 30 minutes. It will not only cut off the time of traditional treadmill walking, but it will give us the same results or even surpassed what it can give you.

Now, here some simple tips when I'm doing the brisk walk:
• I do brisk walk in a very large area, say a brisk walk inside a mall, or in a community walk way. The larger area, the better.

• I sing some songs when I do brisk walk. This is to circulate the air that I am using while brisk walking. The faster the beat of the song, the better.

• I brisk walk with large steps. I love doing that. Hehehe.

• And finally, I drink a lot of water after a very short but hard brisk walk. This is to replace all the fluids that I loss through sweat.

If you are not yet convinced with brisk walking, you might as well read the benefits of brisk walking article, here. Enjoy brisk walking! :D

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  1. How do you find the time to do some brisk walking? In the morning? Can't do that, sad to say. The only brisk walking I do is scrambling out of bed to go take a shower, sip coffee, and out I go for work. Cause I'm late for work na as it is.

    Do you brisk on your way home from work? Di kaya maalarma iyong mga pedestrian sa pagragasa mo sa kalsada? LOL

  2. @jan: i brisk when go home from work... malayo naman yung byahe eh... tapos minsan naglalakad na lang ako pauwi instead na mag-tricycle... sa subdivision kami nakatira.. hahhaha


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