Monday, March 9, 2009

Poetry in Motion: The City at Night!

Now here comes another side of me where I write poetries. Yes! Apparently, I do write poetries. But only in a section of our science magazine that I am affiliated with. Hehehe... you know, that some kind of poetry integrated with values and science stuffs... yeah... I write that kind of poetries... some of them are geeky enough to make your nose bleed.

And so, here's a sample of one of the many poetries that I wrote in the past three years of working in my beloved company. Okay now, without further ado, I present to you a very short three stanza poem, yeah... the unedited one, discussing about one of those topics in science... I think it's lights pollution! Just bear with me okay? Hehehe!

The City at Night
by Yatot :P

Darkness falls once more,
In the uptown metropolis,
Flashing, strobbing lights galore,
When the moon starts to peak.

The lights shined the most,
In strong and vivid colors,
Brightness that strikes my eyes,
Like a feeling of afterglow.

When nighttime strikes my clock,
Stars should be seen in the dark,
But what is this that I can see?
Flashing, strobbing lights above me?

Note to self: I think this should also be classified as one of those poems about alien invasions!

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  1. Hmmmn, just as I suspect there's more to you than easy laughter and handy psychotherapy. There's a shy poet anxious to get out. And today we get a glimpse. :)

  2. @jan: shucks... im blushing.. wahhheeehe ;P

  3. wow,sentimental poetic side of you... are those dancing lights together with some sexy chick? joke.

    i have a quite similar poem too. i will try to post it also on my blog.

  4. @elmot: wahehhehe... hindi naman... it's just my job to write this poem... hehhehe

  5. hahah! sige, i believe you bro... hope to read some more of your poems


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