Monday, March 23, 2009

Call Center Guy: Marvel's Newest Superhero!?

Lols! Okay I made that one up! But seriously Call Center Guy is a product of Marvel's newest breed of superheroes... thanks to their Create Your Own Superhero website, I finally have my dreams come true to be a comic book superhero illustrator! Nyahahhaha...

But before with the details with Call Center Guy, here's a back story about my frustrations on being a comic book superhero illustrator. But of course, if you don't want to read about this yaggity-yadda of mine... you might as well click on to continue and scroll down a little to see the powers of Marvel's Newest Breed of Superhero... the Call Center Guy *echoes*! Hahaha

The Back Story

Yes... I am a frustrated comic book illustrator... I wanted to draw as much as I wanted to write... My whole life, I made several sketches and drawings and other stuffs. My artist friend told me that I should draw some sketches again to bring back my sketching skills in high school. Drawing things has been so dormant to me, it never came back.

But of course, everything else changed now! I saw this tweet status of a contact friend and followed the link. When I clicked it, I finally saw what am I looking for! The Marvel's Create Your Own Superhero website really rocks!!! And then... Call Center Guy is born!!!

The Call Center Guy Superhero!

The Call Center Guy Superhero is just like your ordinary superhero... a hero with a secret identity. He goes by the name "Martin" in a certain, undisclosed call center company working as a Customer Sales Representative doing in-bound calls and helping people with their problems on a particular product.

"Martin" is a day-shift superhero. Superhero by day, call center agent by night. Yes... he does not take a sleep. His genes does not permit him to. He's like superman... with an alien blood... the only difference is, Clark Kent does not work for a certain call center company, "Martin" does... and he's the top agent!

Yeah! His powers are superb! Really superb you cannot imagine that he can do it all. Point any superhero with any abilities... he can do that all... he can even surpass them all! When "Martin" turns into Call Center Guy, he permits himself to grow some beard! Yeah.. call that for a cool disguise huh?! *nod*

Call Center Guy is equipped with superb technology-based weaponry that he can use in every known situations. His bluetooth technology call center headset helps him track all criminal offenses in the city. It is equipped with high-frequency audio receiver that receives signals everywhere, whenever. He is armed with Doc-Oc-like tentacles for multitasking crime-busting purposes! He also has this unique atomic hands that blasting off atomic particles to disintegrate his enemies into molecules and finally diminished into thin air. Enemies with annihilation plans are no good for this superhero!!!

A high-powered rocket engine is installed under his foot gear to imitate that Ironman-like flying ability. An X-belt makes him fab! Lols! The emo hair makes him one superhero guy that rise above the rest (there is no superhero to date with an emo hair... as far as I know.. heehhe)... and of course.... the last but definitely not the least... Call Center Guy is equipped with a very fashionable scarf... that turns into a whip whenever it wants to (yeah, the scarf itself has a life... which makes it Call Center Guy's parasitic sidekick!).

So there... if you are in need of help... just call on Call Center Guy and he will come your way for a rescue... just call the 1800 hotline: 1800-CALL-CENTER-GUY or text HELP [space] CALL CENTER GUY [space] YOUR MESSAGE and send IT to 65789851436. Your need is his call... Call Center Guy is coming to the rescue! What are you waiting for.. call now!

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  1. @jan: i dont have drawing skills... im a frustrated artist nga... hhahahha.... no... call center guy is really a very skinny person when he is in his Martin form... that what makes him a superhero with super identity... and uhmm... i really dont have issues on call center industries no! i just want to make a superhero out of it... hehhehe thanks for the comment! =P

  2. wow, ayos to ah...kaya lg prang alien naman yung itsura ni call center guy...

  3. This guy look professional and saying him as a superhero is really awesome thing i ever read.


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