Thursday, April 26, 2012

When Cutting Your Hair Gives You Freedom!

Me before cutting my hair
A few weeks ago, I had a dilemma that most people with long, thick, curly hair experience — hair tangles! As you can see from the photo above, my hair was a little similar to that of Albert Einstein's. Whenever I wear that kind of hair, my friends would always say that I looked like the world renowned scientist, but only the hair resemblance. However, I would always say to them, "nah!", because I would rather not wanted to be compared.

My hair is a slow-grower. It took me one year and three months to achieve that very thick, curly hair. And oh, did I say it's really heavy on the neck to carry such a fluffy stuff on my head. So, when I decided to cut it short, as in super short, I am semi-bald (semi-kalbo, as what it is more popularly known), my friends from the office thought that I am mending a broken heart or that I am currently experiencing depression due to some love affairs that didn't work out for me. My answer is a big NO! It's just that, these past few days, the weather was really weird and was really extremely hot, I cannot carry my hair with poise anymore without making myself wet with waterfalls of sweat!

The Real Reason

So, why did I "really" cut my hair? The answer I think would rely on that famous quote by Belgicia Howell, "Never explain yourself. Your friends don't need it and your enemies won't believe it."

It was really a matter of choice. Before I cut my long, thick, curly hair, I was experiencing aching problems around my neck, developing itch behind my ears, and pimples starting to come out of my face pores. If you still don't know, your hair is one of the dirtiest part of your body because it collects all the dusts and particles in the air. When strands of hair are brushed or rubbed against your face skin, pimples might start to develop.This is the part where I can't control my hair to move away from my face, that's why pimples started to develop.

When I made a promise to my officemate friends who will become married couple in December, I promised to them that I will wear a braided hair (similar on the right, yes that's me!) on their wedding day. However, when I started feeling kinda 'sick' with my thick, curly hair, I said to myself that I will cut my hair soon. And so I started to wonder if growing my hair more would be worth it.

A Visit to the Barber

Not long after that, I find myself sitting on top of a barber's chair. The barber awed himself in a biggest shock of his life! Maybe, he was wondering why the hell am I going to let him cut or in this context, to shave my long, thick, curly hair, which I grew for more than a year? Before the cutting session started, he told me if I really wanted this to happen. And then I said, "yes!" with confidence. He just thought the years of growing my hair was just a waste of time. At first, he didn't want to cut (shave) it, but then, he shaved my hair with his eyes closed during the first shave. I was relieved. I think he was, too!

Me before and after the visit to the barber!
Twenty minutes later, I lost 5 pounds of hair. Hahaha! My neck and head are lighter and I can finally feel the aerodynamics flowing on top of my head! I can feel the freedom of moving my head again with ease without straining my neck. See the photo above!

Lessons Learned

I did not really learn something from just cutting my hair but I know I can now save a sachet of shampoo (the twin pack ones) from being used by me. I am now sporting a very short hair, similar to that of Derek Ramsay (pictured below), a local artist in the Philippines, but only the hair, and not the body. Hahaha! Now only if I can find where that Century Corned Tuna is!

Derek Ramsay


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