Monday, January 2, 2012

"City Hunter" on ABS-CBN

I have been watching Lee Min Ho's 2011 hit Korean drama, "City Hunter" these past few days, and I must say that I really enjoyed watching it. I am very close to the ending of "City Hunter" but I won't be giving any spoilers for you to watch it on ABS-CBN.

"City Hunter" stars South Korea's Min-Min couple namely Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho in the title role. Brought to you by Asia's first and true home of Asianovela, ABS-CBN brings you one of the most expensive Korean drama ever made in the history of Asian drama. It is a story of man who seeks revenge for the death of his father. Below is a short synopsis/plot of "City Hunter":

Lee Yoon Sung is a talented MIT-graduate who works on the international communications team of the Blue House. He was summoned by his stepfather to take revenge on five politicians who caused the death of his biological father and 19 other South Korean military members. These armymen were accused of betraying their country in an incident which took place 28 years ago.

To do his plan, Yoon Sung must remember three rules for his mission: 1) Do not trust anybody; 2) Do not reveal his identity; and 3) Do not fall in love. With these in mind, Yoon Sung flew back to Korea to execute his mission. While in Korea, he met the beautiful young bodyguard lady of Blue House named Kim Na Na. When their lives intertwine, they will discover some secrets that will affect both their lives and mission.

I really must say that "City Hunter" is a must watch online or on TV! The production value is really something to look forward to. The story alone is superb; add some explosive scenes, you'll never get wrong with watching "City Hunter". It is now my first on the list when it comes to action Korean Drama series. Perhaps next to "IRIS" which will be showing on GMA-7, and "Fugitive Plan B" which has yet to be shown on Philippine television.

"City Hunter" gets the Primetime Bida block and will be showing on January 23 on ABS-CBN. Below is the full trailer of "City Hunter" on ABS-CBN! Enjoy!

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