Saturday, December 17, 2011

How to Become an Awesome Christmas Shopper?

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In the past few posts, we have discussed some problems Pinoy shoppers encounter and some popular shopping destinations in the Philippines. Today, I will be discussing some tips on how to become an uber awesome Christmas shopper!

So before hitting the malls or tiangges, take note of these awesome tips on Christmas shopping so that you'll be an awesome guy like us! Without further ado, I now present to you some awesome Christmas shopping tips for awesome shoppers! Just follow these tips religiously, and you'll end up being awesome! Are you ready? Here you go:

 • Prepare a list of people who will receive gifts from you. List the names and the item that you are going to give to each of them. Also, allot a certain amount for every gift you are going to give so you can monitor your expenses. Making a list will help you decide where to shop.

• Once you have decided on where to shop, make sure to familiarize yourself with the sections of a mall or tiangge so you won’t be wasting time looking for shops.

• Don’t shop alone especially if you are planning to buy a lot of items. It is better to ask someone to come along with you who is more familiar to the place where you will shop or someone who can help you carry the bags.

• Don’t bring along kids especially when shopping in tiangge. As much as possible, parents should leave their children at home because the child might get lost in the crowded place.

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• Be vigilant in shopping, whether you are inside a mall or in tiangge. Be aware of your surroundings and be observant. Take note of the items you bought and the number of bags you are carrying so you’ll know when one is missing. Watch out for pickpockets and snatchers, too. As much as possible, do not bring shoulder bags, pouch bags, or other bags that can be easily snatched away from you.

• Be polite in bargaining and bargain for a reasonable price.

• Stick to your budget. Control your impulse in buying more than what you planned to avoid overspending.

• Choose well the items you are going to buy. Always check the quality of the items before buying it. And make sure that you can change the item you bought if there is a defect.

• Be patient in looking for gifts, parking space, and in dealing with people. Shopping can be stressful, so control your anger and frustration and be open minded to avoid conflict with other shopper or with vendors.

Most importantly, keep in mind that this Christmas season is not about giving material gifts. It is about expressing your love to someone or showing someone that he or she is part of your life by giving gifts. It's not important whether the gifs are expensive, what matters most is the essence of sharing and giving, even if we didn't get anything in return. Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping!


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