Thursday, August 11, 2011

"My Binondo Girl" on ABS-CBN starring Kim Chiu!

In the tradition of bringing you world-class Filipino drama entertainment, ABS-CBN, the premiere maker of quality drama on television, brings you yet another entertaining teleserye in the upcoming dramedy (comedy-drama) series entitled, "My Binondo Girl". My Binondo Girl stars one of the most successful primetime drama princesses of ABS-CBN, Kim Chiu, in her most challenging role to date. Kim Chiu will not play a dual role, but she will portray a male role in order to grant the wish of his Chinese father.

"My Binondo Girl" summary/synopsis

When Zheny (Ai Ai delas Alas) went to Guangzhou, China to become a teacher, she met a guy named Chen Xi (Richard Yap) and together, they fell in love. When Chen Xi found out that Zheny was pregnant and the child that Zheny was carrying is a boy, they knew their life would be happy because of their first-born child. When Chen Xi's family found out that the first-born child is a girl (Chinese traditions believed that a first-born who is a boy will bring good luck to family), Chen Xi's family threw Zheny away along with her child, Jade.

Years later, Jade (young, Mutya Orquia) and Zheny are living in the streets of Binondo, Manila where most Filipino-Chinese citizens live. In here, they live a peaceful life. Jade (Kim Chiu) grew up acting like a boy for her to live the life of a son that she never be to her father that she wants to see. Jade grew up with her bestfriend Onyx (Jolo Revilla), and together, they roam the streets of Binondo for a living.

One day, Chen Xi came back to the Philippines to find his son, Yuan Xi. But to his frustrations, he only saw his daughter that he never claimed his own. Because of this, Jade disguised herself as a man in order to grant her father to see his son to Zheny. Jade is longing for the love of his father, and because of this, she will do everything to see, touch, and hug him, no matter what, even it means to become the son, Yuan Xi to her father.

"My Binondo Girl" information and cast

"My Binondo Girl" is definitely not the Filipino-Chinese version of the 2008 Korean drama hit remake of ABS-CBN, "My Girl" which also stars Kim Chiu. Kim Chiu is said to gain some few pounds to fit the role. She even had a costume study for the role that she will portray.

There are three leading men in "My Binondo Girl"—Xian Lim as Andrew, the Filipino-Chinese businessman who will fall in love with Jade; Matteo Guidicelli as Trevor, the half-Filipino who will set his eyes to Jade; and Jolo Revilla as Onyx, the pure Filipino bestfriend of Jade. Child star Izzy Canillo of "Goin' Bulilit" also stars as the young Onyx. Mutya Orquia of "Mutya" is casted as the young Jade.

Glydel Mercado, Ricardo Cepeda, Ms. Ai Ai delas Alas, Ms. Cherry Pie Picache, and Ms. Gina Pareño completes the stellar and magnificent cast of "My Binondo Girl". First time actors Laureen Uy as Amethyst Sy and Richard Yap as Chen Xi also stars in this much-awaited dramedy teleserye of ABS-CBN.

"My Binondo Girl" full trailer

Below is the much-awaited full trailer of the upcoming teleserye of ABS-CBN starring Kim Chiu entitled, "My Binondo Girl". "My Binondo Girl" will be shown on August 22 on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida block. It will replace "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin" on its timeslot. "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin" will have its grand finale on August 19, 2011.

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  1. The first question that pops in my mind is: "Why is there a tomb for Baby Yuan Dimagiba?"

    From the trailer, Chen Xi knew that he didn't have a son with Zheny. Unless the whole storytelling is just a made-up story and the true story.

  2. @richie: true, true! napansin ko din yan kanina... malamang meron syang kakambal talaga then namatay.. or.. may isa pa talagang anak si ai ai at lalaki ito, then namatay... either ways.. we know na wala talagang yuan xi... hahhaa

  3. hi kim..... alam mo number one fans mo ako
    at excited ako na ipapalabas na sa monday ang teleserye moh
    aabangan ko talaga
    i love you kim
    i dole talaga kita .....
    hope ko sana c jerald ang makatambal you;;;;;
    pero boky vlng
    kahit sino makatambal u basta ikaw
    ung bida ,,,,, more power ,, and god bless

  4. ang ganda ng team up ni ms ai-ai at papa chen me chemistry sila mas nakakakilig pag nandyan na sila he he

  5. hi binondo girl sobra talaga ako kinikilig pag pinapanuod ko ito, comedy and romance super like it, pero after ko nabasa ung plot summary sa wikepedia nh namatay si xian and marrying onyx, asar talaga ako. ang pangit...hindi sila bagay ni ony mas bagay pa sila ni xian..sana ma change

  6. my lovely binondo girl and xian macho pogi .. at si papa chen na cute bagay sila ni ai ai .sana maextend ang binondo girl gling gling ng chemistry're the talk of the town anywhere at laging nagmamadaling umuwi mapanood lang santos pls. extend this show..pls....pls...pls.sana huwag mamatay si andy....

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Sana ai ANDY WU ang groom for the wedding para mas sweet.. I am really against ONYX!!!


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