Saturday, June 18, 2011

Riding a Jeepney in the Philippines!

It has always been my fascination to observe the looks, attitudes, and behaviors of people inside a jeepney whenever I had a chance to ride in it. The public utility jeepneys (PUJs) or simply jeep, brings us a lot more closer to reality when it comes to observing people.

Inside a jeep, you will find a different mix of people. There are sometimes stubborn passengers, and at times there are nice. Often times you will find stressed passengers, especially during rush hours. These traits and behaviors of people inside the jeepneys may or may not annoy you, but believe it or not, these traits and behaviors can affect you in one way or another even if you don't care much.

So here's a riding a jeepney list of people's behavior inside a jeepney, one of the Philippines' main transport systems. Below are just my observations and opinions, so don't take it seriously! Now here's the awesome list:

Types of People You'll Find Inside a Jeepney

• The Poser Guy! The poser guys who ride a jeepney are those people who sit with their legs apart, about 45º in angle. Their elbows would always lean on their (opened) knees, sometimes making their hands (or fingers) touched their chin. They don't care if you can't sit properly as long as their crotches are at full rest. There are times these people wear sunglasses and has a waxed hair. This type of people are socially-challenged. Bare with them, they lack social awareness and care for others. And oh, only males can do this perfectly.

• The Beauty Queen! The Beauty Queen sitters inside a jeepney are the female counterparts of The Poser Guys only with their legs closed. The "Beauty Queens" sit in a prim and proper manner. Their legs are closed and their hands are placed on top of their lap. Sometimes, a handkerchief is placed between their closed legs to prevent peeping toms to see what's in-between their legs, however, their buttocks are not also properly seated. The Beauty Queens also practice the 45º angled legs while their legs closed. Sometimes they clipped their shoulder bags under one armpit that it already occupies the space of the person beside her. Just imagine how the Beauty Queens occupy a big space. Only a farewell wave lacks this description.

• The Pretender. Pretenders are people who pretend to see nothing, especially when someone is paying his/her fare to the jeepney driver. These people set their undisclosed attack anytime they want. They are sometimes equipped with gadgets such as iPods and earphones so that they can hear nothing. At times, they pretend to sleep so that they cannot reach your fare/payment. Often times, these people are busy doing something, texting, praying the rosary, talking to a phone, chatting with a companion inside the jeep, etc. Pretenders have collected several best acting awards during their high school years!

• The Catcher. "Catchers" are frustrated bus conductors or perhaps a bus conductor in their past lives. There are two types of them: 1) the jolly catchers and 2) the stubborn catchers. Jolly catchers are those people who sometimes sit behind the jeepney driver. They are willingly and joyfully reach out their hands to relay or give the payment of a passenger to the jeepney driver. In case there is a change (to the payment), he/she calls out to the person who has a change. On the other hand, stubborn catchers are catchers who has no choice but to be one because of the seating arrangement. Most people would sit near the opening of the jeepney so that they can get out of it faster making the late passengers sit at the end or near the driver. In this case, they have no choice but to reach out his/her hands to the payment/fare of a passenger and give it to the driver. Stubborn work isn't it? Hahaha!

• The Loudmouth. Ever experienced a loud group of passengers inside a jeepney? These are the loudmouths, and their main aim for riding a jeepney is to make loud noises by chatting, loud laughing, teasing, etc. — just like a group of high school students riding a jeepney after class — as if they owned or rented the jeepney with only them as the passengers! Loudmouths passengers always have stories to tell, they never run out of gossips, sentiments, and rants among other things. Most loudmouths are jolly people, however, you will be needing a headset prepared to cover your ears when you (accidentally) ride with them because they tend to give out 250 decibels of sound!

• The Opportunist. And finally, here comes "the opportunist" passengers that sometimes do the unexpected things. They lurk in different passenger types that were mentioned above. Sometimes there is an opportunist in each passenger type. They chat and chat until they (intentionally) forget to pay; they fall asleep during travel time so that when it is time to get out of the jeepney, they'll just say they are already paid when the jeepney driver asked for their payment, sometimes called the "slip trip sleep"; those passengers who sit near the jeepney opening where they can go out of the jeepney fast and run, also called "1-2-3"; and those people who intentionally make the "sabit" or hitch the jeepney's steel bar trying to have a free ride. The Opportunist is not limited to these people only, pickpockets are also included!

So there, riding a jeepney in the Philippines can be very exciting, isn't it? To make it more exciting, and before ending this blog post, let me show you a video guide on how to ride a jeepney in the Philippines! This is a very funny yet very informative video guide! The best I've ever seen, so far! Hahaha... Enjoy watching and enjoy riding a jeepney!


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