Monday, June 13, 2011

Superman's New Costume for 2011!

Our favorite red-caped superhero will have a new look in the 21st century rebooted edition of "Action Comics" according to DC Comics last Friday. Although our favorite Man of Steel still wears his skin-tight blue suit along with his red cape which he wore since Superman was first introduced in June 1938, the newly-feel costume will have an upgrade in the middle portion of his body. Superman will now have no pants, or perhaps that red speedo thing in his crotch area and will have a red belt instead of the traditional yellow belt that we always see on him.

According to LA Times, the new Superman comic series that will be released in the "Action Comics" of DC Comics, will restart at issue No. 1 in September, with Scottish writer Grant Morrison and artist Ralph "Rags" Morales at the helm. According to report by The Hollywood Reporter, DC Comics also plans to relaunch other titles in the DC Universe, which includes superheroes such as Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Green Lantern. New characters, stories and, of course, costumes will be introduced across the board. Below is the side by side photo of the newly-improved (?) costume of Superman and to his old, traditional costume. (Photo courtesy by Yahoo! Movies).

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  1. I like the briefs red, please go back to red briefs.

  2. @anonymous, 8:54PM: i also like the old, traditional superman look...

  3. superman has never looked silly with his red briefs outside his pants, never has. and every time they mess with his costume it felt "off" teh new suit feels "off".


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