Sunday, January 18, 2009

New categories on TYC presented! Yay!

This post is just a reminder to everyone that I have included three more categories here on my blog as I promised. Hehehe. So, aside from the usual 8 categories, there are now 11 of them to choose from. The additional three categories are just a re-categorized past articles, but of course, there will be some new entries to follow in the coming days of the year. Hehehe. Rest assured, I will be putting interesting blog articles. The description of the new categories are as follows:

Presenting the new categories on TYC!

HEALTHY LIVING. I usually find it too awkward to discuss on being healthy because, I, myself has a problem on this. But because I am trying to have a healthy lifestyle, I will focus this particular category on things like health news, or some tips on losing some weight. Yeah. Most probably. I am trying to involve myself to lose some. Hahaha.

MONEY MATTERS. You want money? Guess what? Me too! So, together, maybe we cant focus on making some. Hehehe. In this category, making money online, logical means of making money, practical ways on saving up and everything about money, are just some of the topics that will be discussed under here. But of course, money isn't about everything! It is just a medium. Naks!

WEB WATCHING. And so, this is the category place that you will go to here on TYC if you want to read about the coolest websites in town! Yep! This category focuses on websites that I already featured in the past and soon I will be featuring some more! Hahaha... There are a lot of websites out there that needs to be recognized, and the only way for them to be recognized is for someone who can feature them on their blog or websites, just like mine. lols.

Aside from the three new categories, I re-categorized some of my entries as well. You can find some of them having 2-3 categories under its title. Isn't that a great move? Hehehe... It's now easier to browse the different categories and the previous articles that I have written. I wanted a random article generator for my blog to feature some of my best read and past blog articles. But because I cannot create one sooner (I hope I can make a program on that!), putting up some new categories is the best I can think of right now! Enjoy browsing!

(For more category descriptions, you may want to click here or click my about page above. Thank you for reading! :D)

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