Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Juan Luna House, Ilocos Norte Trip!

The Ilocos Trip series saga that I had last year is still incomplete. What is traveling to Ilocos Region without ever visiting Ilocos Norte? If you are reading all of my Ilocos Tour Trip experience (all of them can be found here...) I only tackled Ilocos Sur. So for today, let us now go further north where the sun is hotter but beautiful places and sceneries are up for grabs — the Ilocos Norte!

And for our first feature of the Ilocos Norte, I present to you the house of a great Filipino painter, Juan Luna (yeah.. the statue is him!). Take a glimpse of Juan Luna's house in this one-of-a-kind picture trail tour of the Ilocos Norte! I hope you'll enjoy all of the pictures that I had taken! Hehehe...

Ilocos Norte is known as the province where the late president Ferdinand Marcos lived. It is composed of many historical churches and other landmarks where the UNESCO Heritage marks are posted. A colorful history awaits you when you travel there either by land, sea or air. But it is best that you travel on land with a tour guide to keep you posted and to educate you more about the different places.

• Juan Luna's house in Ilocos Norte is known as the birthplace of the famous painter. It is composed of different antique furniture and items that lives with the house's history such as...

• Visitors' lounge located at the second floor.

• Juan Luna's original bed.

• A church-like altar with real antique religious idols located on the second floor!

• A hat and coat hanger.

• The replicas of Juan Luna's paintings with an antique lampshade mounted on the wall.

Because of these and other antique items, including the house itself, Juan Luna's birthplace ancestral home is being maintained by the city government of Ilocos Norte for historical, cultural and educational purposes.

and so it reads:
Juan Luna Y Novicio

Patriot and foremost Filipino painter. Born in Badoc, Ilocos Norte, 24 October 1857; son of Joaquin Luna de San Pedro and Laureana Novicio. Studied in the Ateneo Municipal, Escuela de Bellas Artes and Escuela Nautica in Manila; became a licensed pilot at 17. Pupil of Lorenzo Guerrero, noted Filipino painter. Went to Spain, 1877, studied in the Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid. Painted in Rome his first famous work, "The Death of Cleopatra". Won gold medal for his Spoliarium at the International Painting Exposition, 1884, in Madrid. Won other medals and honors in Europe. Among his other notable paintings were "The Battle of Lepanto", "The Blood Compact", "People and Kings". Co-worker of Rizal, Lopez-Jaena, del Pilar and other Filipino reformers in Europe; was in the diplomatic service of the First Philippine republic. Died in Hongkong, 7 December 1899.

And so there. Some of my adventure pictures taken from Juan Luna's house. There are more to come... because the Ilocos Norte is known for their churches, I will post some of the church photos that I had taken as we travel Ilocos Norte. Better wait for that soon! Hehehe... thanks for visiting! :D

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  1. Marvelous job you've got showcasing Ilocos Norte. These wonderful finds are still up for grabs? Okay, to take you up on your offer, I'm carting home Juan Luna's bed. Or is it the hat rack I'm really after. Darn, I should really make up my mind. Nyahaha. I love it!

  2. @jan: thanks... you should wait for the Ilocos Norte churches pictures! hehehhe... it seems that you like antiques so much... hehhehe... unfortunately, juan luna's things are not for sale... hehehe.. i love his bed also! aaaaww!


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