Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On being vegetarian, vegetarianism and ecosystem!

Last week, one of my supervisors here in our office received a mail from PETA. It was a couple of photos showing young actress Yasmien Kurdi encouraging everyone to go vegetarian by not eating chicken and other meat. One of the photos was showing Kurdi inside a chicken cage implying "try to relate to who is on your plate".

Incidentally, yesterday, I was browsing my twitter page when I found a message by jehzlau sharing a link on Yasmien Kurdi's going vegetarian photos. Now this gave me an indication or a trigger to write something on this vegetarianism thingie, so that people would know what my insights or side on this topic. By the way, Yasmien Kurdi is a young star in the Philippines if you may want to know.

What is vegetarianism?

Vegetarianism is the practice of a diet that excludes meat, fish and shellfish, poultry and other by-products of them. There are several variants of the diet, some of which also exclude eggs and/or some products produced from animal labor such as dairy products and honey. (Source.)
The said photos of Yasmien Kurdi going vegetarian were posted on this blog. They are the campaign pictures of Yasmien Kurdi for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA. The said campaign is against eating chicken and other meat and also against cruelty to animals. And so, I wrote my comments on that said blog entry, because I think I have to make my stand. In case, you can't find my comments anymore, below are what I have wrote, but before that, the comment that the other reader has written:

A certain Miko B said;
Every living thing has it’s place in the world. Sorry, but chickens are here to be eaten. Vegetarians might not like it, but it’s true. We all have to kill something to survive. Some people choose animals, some people choose plants. Just because plants don’t look at you with cute cuddly eyes doesn’t mean they don’t feel pain when they’re killed. And yeah, every time you grow vegetables and fruits, you kill small little animals when you till the ground. Sure, don’t eat animals for health reasons, but if you’re choosing not to because of “cruelty”, then how can cruelty to plants be ever defensible? Like I said, to survive, we always have to kill something. Plants or animals, it’s still killing. It’s still murder.

And now, here's what I said (in full text) on that blog entry's comment page:
hey! i have nothing against vegetarian people, vegetarianism and cruelty to animals… but the truth is, every living creatures, plants and animals, under the food chain has a role to play in this complicated life called the ecosystem…

when people don’t eat meat, the thing is, they are competing against animals who eat only vegetables or those called herbivores… in the end, if these vegetarians succeeded, herbivore animals cannot sustain life anymore because all of the vegetables have already been eaten by vegetarians…

PETA should remember that we people are included in this “circle of life” thingie… where every member included in the so-called circle affects one another… and oh, there is also this term called “survival of fittest” where people and animals compete for food… poor herbivores… they are no match for people…

it’s not that i don’t eat vegetables, I eat vegetables, but of course, I also eat meat!

So, i must agree with Miko B with his comment! It’s not really condemning vegetarians about their actions on cruelty to animals or how hypocrisy is put into this manner… it’s how people must know that we are all here on earth to survive… and eating chicken or any meat in particular, is just one of the many things that we can do to live and to survive!

Whew! long comment.. very much affected! I am going to repost this comment on my blog! hahahha!

So what do you think? Are my comments for real? I mean, being a science major (I took up a science course in college...), I have to take a stand that vegetarianism has its pros and cons, and whatever they are, somebody inside the food chain will suffer and the ecosystem will not be balanced anymore!

What do you think of this? Do you agree with me? Please give me your insights and your thoughts on vegetarianism, because I already posted mine! Hehehe... and oh, I must repeat, this is not about condemning PETA's campaign against cruelty to animals, eating animal meats or anything. This is just a simple explanation on what will happen when the food chain and the balance of the ecosystem is destroyed!

Just tell me your thoughts by writing your comments on the comment section below. We all must have a stand on this. It is not agreeing on the cruelty to animals or something. This is something that people should know! (For PETA's article on Yasmien Kurdi, you may click here.) Thank you for reading!

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  1. Eating only vegetables your whole life? I will not survive that. I'm a certified meat lover. I guess for this issue, I can simply say, let them be. If they want to do that, they certainly have the freedom but it is still your choice if you want to follow their point of view. ^_^

  2. all i can say is i don't mind of they don't want to eat meat :D hehehehe...

    basta ako kakain lang kung gusto ko. pero i don't eat dog meat or cat meat waaaaaaaa! basta beef and pork lang :D

    I also eat vegetables.. hehe :D

    nyok.. ano ba tong comment ko ~_~ :D

  3. Adopting a vegetarian lifestyle is an admirable thing. Because this fosters good health. But to equate cruelty to animals with the meat-eating persons is a mighty stretch. How do you kill a pig with no cruelty involved? With kindness? With prayers? This is absurd. I like your point about unduly putting a lot of stress on scarce plant population by turning vegetarian. My perfect excuse or reason for scoffing at this campaign. Hehehe.

  4. @allen: yah... i agree... it's still our choice if wanted to be a vegetarian or not for the rest of our lives... ang hirap kayang omorder ng pizza kapag veggie pizza tapos ung iba meat lovers no!

    @jezlau: tama ka din naman... you only eat what you want to eat! yan din naman ang principle ko sa pagkain! kapag ayaw ko, hindi ko pipilitin ang sarili kong kumain... and yah... dog and cat meats are a no-no! hahahha

    @jan: see... hahahhaa... thanks for agreeing with me! hahhaha... :D


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