Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Preventing a Writer's Block

Believe it or not, I was having a difficult time typing this blog entry because I am suffering from what writer's called it a writer's block. But what is a writer's block? A writer's block is an event in the life of a writer, or a blogger where he/she has already used up his/her creative juices. Most writers take this as a dilemma, especially those in freelance writing because when a writer loses all his/her creative stuffs inside his/her mind, he/she will lose a means of living.

I am very much sure a lot of bloggers and writers also suffer from this once in a blue moon dilemma, so here I am, trying to type freely as I could and just think of what my fingers would do to type and give you some tips on how to prevent a writer's block. Okay, enough of the introduction, without further ado, I present to you Yatot's guide to prevent a writer's block:

How to prevent a writer's block?
There are several reasons to write, but there could only one reason not to, and that is when someone is having difficulty to think what to write, in short, yeah, a writer's block. Here are some of the things I do to prevent myself from having this dilemma:

• Write on everyday life experiences. This is good if your blog is as flexible as TYC, where I focus mainly on six or seven categories. But if your blog is something that falls under niche categories, where a blog focuses on technology alone, or entertainment alone, or personal blogging alone, writing on everyday life experiences is a major problem. But of course, you can always relate your everyday life experiences in your niche way of blogging. For example, your on a technology blog, you can write a review perhaps on a gadget that you recently purchased, or a cellphone company pissed you that day. That's how you can tell your personal experience yet still focuses on your blog's niche.

• Have a recorder. If you are really having a hard time writing a particular topic on your blog, you can always record them in a mini-recorder if something interesting came up. My old-fashioned Nokia 2626 colored LCD phone has a recorder feature in it. Sometimes, I record a happening or a review or an experience while riding a vehicle on my way home. I can't just blog anywhere you know, it's a good thing I have a voice recorder, I can voice blog first and then put them in words later. Isn't that a great idea? Just be sure no one is looking at you while you do this. Hehehe.

• Look back on previous blog entries. Looking back is always a good thing. It's nostalgic, brings on different blogging or writing memories. You can always go back previous entries and put on some updates on that blog entry if you do have an update on that. In this way, you have a new entry posted, plus updating your readers on what's happening or what has happened to you, lately!

• Bring on some photos. A picture tells a thousand words, they say. Why not start with a single photo, tell us the story behind that photo and perhaps your readers might appreciate it or sympathize with your problem or life experiences? Photos also add up some life to your blog by giving them colors and making it more lively. Photos would feel like the blog is sure real! Hahaha. Besides, most readers are looking for some visual effects. This blog has some photos in it. This entry has none. Hehehe.

• Expand your blogging capability. If you are really into blogging but can't think of anything to write, you can always expand your blog's niche, like this one. Hehehe. TYC is a good example of expanding the blogging horizons beyond niche blogging. This blog is not just a personal blog anymore, it is also an entertainment blog, a blogging and writing blog, a love story blog, etc., etc. See... if you own a blog, don't just focus on niche, it's a good thing! Yeah!

• Join in the sponsored reviews wagon. If all else fails, join the sponsored review wagon. It's a trend now in most blogs. Some blogs or websites under the sponsored reviews give new and exciting ideas to present to your blog readers. By doing so, you will review a website and blog about the things that you might find interesting, you pass on the link and you get paid. That's the best part of it! As of now, I am not involved in any sponsored review posts. Most of my previous blog entries that I have written are reviews that are free of charge! I don't know, maybe sooner I'll join this wagon. Hahaha. The gas prices are high, you know! :D

So that's it! Some of the tips that I know on how to prevent the so-called writer's block. How about you? What are the things that you do to prevent it? Share your thoughts in a blog entry and be linked here for FREE!

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  1. Brods ako ang ginagawa ko lang pag may writer's block, hanap ako ng mga pictures ng mga worlds's ganyan, worlds's ganito, 10 most popular ganyan at ganire tapos post then publish haha

    saves me time from thinking and refreshes my mind visually. from there pag may nakita ako na interesting sa pictures ayun na nakakapag isip na uli ako.

    nice tips by the way

  2. @blue: OIC... thanks for the tip! kaya pala meron kang post about sa top ten malls in the world dahil dulot pala yan ng writer's block! hehehe


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