Tuesday, July 14, 2015

4 Types of Social Media Websites for Your Business

There are several types of social media platforms and websites available in the Internet that can be used for building a successful and interactive online community. These social media websites are being used not just by people, celebrity or not, who wanted to make friends and followers online, but also by some of the biggest companies and industries, which basically make our living.

From the consumer good industries and food manufacturing, to clothing, housing, financial sectors, technology companies, and small- and medium-scale enterprises among others use social media websites to promote or sell a particular product because of its accessibility and affordability as well.

*Do you have an online marketing plan for digital marketing? Let this article help you to begin with!

One must be familiar to not just one but at least some of the social media websites in order to be updated with what's going with the world today. We simply can't bring a television anywhere to watch and catch the evening news, but we can always bring smartphones and tablets to become updated with your favorite basketball team, with your favorite band or celebrity, with news and society, and with basically what's happening with the world, right? All of these news and information are can be found with just some clicks on your smartphones.

Starting Your Online Presence

If you are starting a business and advertisement on TV or radio is not an option due to expensive airtimes, using different social media websites is the solution due to its, as mentioned above, accessibility and affordability. One company or business must know the basics of using these social media websites and become creative in using them to become successful with their digital word-of-mouth or online presence.

One must also find out what's the best suited social media websites or tool/s for their business. Below are some of the suggested social media websites, their types, and suggested strategy that a new business can use for online promotions and building online communities:

Types of Social Media Websites

1) Social Media Websites

Facebook. What started out as a simple website to connect all the university students is now one of the world's busiest and biggest websites today. Using Facebook, a company can make their own Facebook page where people can like and share whatever is posted there, write a comment, or even post videos. This social media website is easily accessible to all because almost everyone on this planet is now on Facebook.

Google+. Google's answer to Facebook, Google+ is one of the fast-rising social media websites where we can use to build an online community. Using gmail account, we can make a Google+ Page of a company or product information. There are a lot of google users in the Internet. We can take advantage of that.

LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional network social media website. A lot of companies are making their LinkedIn Profiles to interact with potential clients or networks and to post news or jobs in the Internet. Having a LinkedIn Profile for your business suggests that the company is so damn serious about building a network online.

Other social media websites with similar genre: Tumblr

2) Microblogging/Photo-Sharing Websites

Twitter. Twitter is one of the most powerful social media website / tools to build an online community or promote your product. Using this online tool, we can get instant feedback, suggestions, recommendations, or violent reactions with your company's followers as they use your product. Can be used easily with #hashtags.

Instagram. Instagram is a photo-sharing and video-sharing website that can be automatically connected with your company's Twitter and Facebook accounts. You must use a mobile device or a smartphone to upload photos and videos, microblog, and interact with your Instagram followers. Most businesses use Instagram for online selling and promotions of their products. Can also be used easily with #hashtags.

Other social media websites with similar genre: Flickr, Hootsuite

3) Video-Sharing Website

YouTube. When your company is ready for those audio-video presentations and uploaded commercials, you can use YouTube as a medium for sharing the uploaded videos. You can also use YouTube to launch a viral video campaign and start promoting your product through a digital word-of-mouth strategy.

Other social media websites with similar genre: Vine

4) Group-buying Websites

Metrodeal, CashCashPinoy, BeEconomic, Ensogo, Lazada, etc.

These group-buying websites require e-vouchers to purchase products with validity dates that usually last for three to four months. Online customers will buy e-coupons from each website, print the e-vouchers, pay through banks, and pick-up the products that they have ordered online in a certain pick-up location. The customers, however, should call first if they will pick-up their ordered products so that these companies can prepare your order beforehand. The customer can use the voucher until its validation.

Some restaurants use these group-buying websites to promote their food by posting meals or platters at discounted prices. Other establishments that use these group buying websites are hotels and resorts, spas, and online vendors.

These group-buying websites are found to be effective to busy people who are always on-the-go and do not have time to go shopping. Customers who also use these websites love to shop at discounted prices.

Other social media websites with similar genre: OLX

Do you use any of these social media websites for your business? Share us your thoughts and comments below.

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Online Marketing Plans for Digital Marketing Campaigns

Photo courtesy of http://www.mediapasta.com/
One of the first tasks I did for my new company as a part time marketing assistant was to convince my new boss to try out different social media websites for our company's digital marketing campaigns. A lot of companies nowadays are turning to different social media websites for their marketing campaigns due to its wide reach, ease of access, and being affordable as well. By using some of these social media websites, we may also targeting potential clients abroad without even trying it.

What is online marketing? 

Online marketing or Internet marketing refers to a set of online tools, resources, strategies, and methodologies used for communicating with consumers, followers, and potential clients by building an online community and getting instant feedback as well as promoting products and services, through the use of the Internet. It involves the creation of content, publishing the content in different social media platforms, and sharing the content to others through these social media websites.

The main key to a successful online marketing plan is to build first an online community. For example, on Facebook, the online community is called "Friends" or “Likers,” on Twitter and Instagram, on the other hand, the term used is “Followers,” while on LinkedIn, they called it “Professional Network,” and so on. Using the followers in different social media platforms, we can now build an online community and start doing digital marketing campaign strategies.

What is an online community? 

By definition, an online community is a virtual community whose members interact with each other by sharing information, ideas, and personal messages among others with the use of different social media websites. Promoting products and services using different social media websites may be done while making your online community grow, but of course, the main priority is to build an empire that will trust your products and services and not just an additional member of your online group. Once the online community is built, everything can be done with ease and will follow through.

There are several types of social media platforms available in the Internet that can be used for building a successful and interactive online community. There are microblogging and photo-sharing websites, video-sharing websites, group-buying websites, and other social media websites available in the Internet. All you have to do is to find out what's the best suited social media tool/s for you or your boss' business/es.

On the next discussion, we will tackle some of the types of social media websites and their examples.

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

My World Bazaar Festival 2014 Experience

It's been a while since I last posted here on my blog, because I thought I don't have enough reasons to blog anything. But because I had a new experience to share with you, I think this blog entry is worth to blog about.

I was invited to become the officer-in-charge (OIC) to an exhibitor's booth in the World Bazaar Festival 2014 at the World Trade Center, Manila. The event was organized by the Philippines' media giant, ABS-CBN Broadcasting, Inc. for the benefit of their Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation

The bazaar

The bazaar is one of the longest bazaar events I have ever seen. From December 5th to 21st, booths from different exhibitors experienced long queues of people who were doing their last minute Christmas shopping. I have seen people who went there not just only once, but many times, almost twice or thrice a week just to complete their shopping list. 

The World Bazaar Festival is full of surprises. It's like an air-conditioned Divisoria with their discounted and lowered prices of goods and mechandise and it felt like a "sosyal" palengke (marketplace) with all their variety of products. From dried goodies to clothes to bags to Christmas decors to a variety of food -- the World Bazaar Festival 2014 was really a place everyone should go to like every year!

You can find stuff that you won't find in any malls. Most exhibitors, if not all, had their prices discounted. You can find promo packs of 3's, or 5's with different items at affordable prices for gift ideas and giveaways. Ugh! If only I have the money, I would shopping there, every single day I was there.

Lessons Learned

As I as was doing my 9-day part-time job at the World Bazaar Festival 2014, I cannot let myself not to observe what were happening inside the bazaar event. People are coming in from all walks of life and from different places as well. So, without further ado, here are some of the things that I learned during my 9-day stay as the OIC to the booth I was working with.

People are crazy of ecobags. When the visitors heard that their P100-ticket can be exchanged to the official ecobag of the World Bazaar Festival, they did not hesitate to exchange their ticket/s right away. In return, a raffle for a mini ipads were at stake from the organizers. I did not win the mini ipad, but I got myself two ecobags! Hahaha!

Thank god for free taste. Most of the workers from the exhibits I have known depended on a day-to-day salary basis, but some of them would give the salary of their workers at the end of the event. So, the money to buy the food for the exhibitors' workers was really the problem. Fortunately, some booths from the Food Tent gave away free samples of their food products. In my experience, I have tasted a small sip of wine, some pieces of hotdogs and hams, corned beef on a bread, milk fish products, pork luncheon meats, some types of sardines, and different noodle dishes among other things. If you are a first time visitor, you may want to check out booths that give out free taste of their products to satisfy your hunger and not leave the bazaar with an empty stomach.

No matter how good you are at sales pitches, when there is a douche customer, there will always be a douche customer. Sadly, yes. I have met customers who still tried to bargain discounted promo packs and exchange them with different items to satisfy their greediness at bargaining. Sorry for the word, but I pity those salesladies and dispatchers for these douchebag customers. But of course, no matter how douche your customers are, always put a smile in front of their faces (the cursing can be done maybe inside the comfort room, hahaha!).

When you go to bazaars, explore on different foods and do not eat the usuals. You don't go to bazaars and simply eat at McDonald's stall there. There are a variety of food stalls intended for consumption by the customers. Some of these food stalls are those hard-to-finds and offer one-of-a-kind food such as boneless lechon, or kalderetang baka or ginataang tilapia or even Korean fish cakes that you won't find elsewhere. Explore your palate and look for your cravings. You will be shocked at what you will find at bazaars.

Freebie stuff are the best! There were some booths that gaveaway freebies such as t-shirts, umbrellas, caps, etc. for every 2 or 3 promo bags that you bought or depending on the items included in the promo packs. Some people are into freebies, really, and they are crazy about it that they choose the booth with a freebie instead of the booth, where they can have really big discount. Not a smart shopper, right? Hahaha! Oh well...

You will learn to respect salesladies, dispatchers, and sales attendants. This learning is very much true for me because I have experienced it first hand. In my previous work, I experienced working for ten hours in front of a computer and sitting all day. In this part-time job as OIC in a booth, I had experienced working for 15 hours standing all day. The first few days were really a pain in my calves and knees, but I got used to it as the days passed by. So, my highest respects to all salesladies, dispatchers, and sales attendants. Congratulations for a job well done!

You'll learn to make friends with co-exhibitors. If there were people who understood the exhibitors and their workers, the closest people are always their co-exhibitors. During my 9-day stay at the event, I have met crazy but dedicated people who were reciting their sales pitches just to convince the customers to buy their products. These people are also the happiest when they talk to their co-exhibitors. Somehow, we connect with each other and this bazaar brought us together.

You'll find good stuff that you don't find at malls and at discounted prices. Just imagine finding a bottle of flavored wine selling at only P160 per bottle when it costs at around P260 per bottle in malls. You saved P100 for that, isn't that great? This and some other things that you can find inside bazaars such as the World Bazaar Festival 2014.

If someone wants to buy something in your booth, and he/she has the money, there will be no questions to be asked. He/She will buy it right away. I have met some people like this one. Budgeted or not, for giveaway or not, if these people want to buy your product, they will buy it without a blink of an eye. There will be no more bargaining involved. Every transaction is just a breeze away. Isn't that great when it comes to marketing your product/s? I do hope all transactions are like these. Hahaha!
So, there. My World Bazaar Festival 2014 has finally come to an end. I kind of missing it, but I have to rest my body for a while. Standing all day was really a no joke. Until the next bazaar! See you there when I see you! Ciao for now!

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wai Ying's Broccoli in Oyster Sauce

Remember our food trip adventure in Binondo, Manila? Our first stop in Binondo was the small but popular restaurant called Wai Ying which specializes Chinese cuisines. One of our orders was their popular chicken dish, Soy Chicken, but of course, we didn't stop there from ordering another food. Eating meat is not complete when there is no vegetables around. That's why we also ordered Wai Ying's Broccoli in Oyster Sauce and some other more food dishes.

Wai Ying's Broccoli in Oyster Sauce is cooked crisp and the broccoli flowers are still green. I am hinting that the broccoli stalks were blanched to retain its green color and probably cooked with baking soda. It was blanched fresh at the right time. I was actually contented with this broccoli in oyster sauce dish, but of course, since we had a budget for food, we had to order for more. We actually wanted to try everything, but that will be too much for us.

In the photo above, you can also see one of Wai Ying's popular dishes, the Peking Duck in Oyster Sauce. I am not so sure if I have a photo close-up of that. I might have to look for it soon. It was really nice to eat when you have lots of money, and of course, eat the food with friends! Hahaha!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Assorted Chocolate Snacks From Officemate Friends

When my last day in my former office finally came, I never thought my officemate friends will surprise me with gifts of love. It was February 14, 2014, yes, a Valentine's Day celebration for most people, but a heartbreak for me and to the people I loved the most. It was really hard to leave the people whom I talked, I laughed, and I did crazy things with for eight long years, but I really have to say goodbye to them for me to move on with my life. It was a heartbreaking experience, but still hopeful that a good life is waiting for me beyond the walls of my previous company.

Two of my officemate friends gave these chocolate snacks as a gift for my departure. I just wondered, do these officemate friends of mine know the North Asian tradition of giving chocolates on Valentine's Day? I hope they didn't know because I will be obliged to give them white chocolates a month after day on White's Day! Hahaha!

Anyway, these assorted chocolate snacks are truly a hunger-reliever especially when you are in the middle of finishing an office task that needs a deadline. If you are craving for something sweet and a quick fix snacks, a few sticks of chocolate pretzels, or a chocolate bar, or chocolate almonds will do the job. Some of my officemates keep different snacks in their drawers, and some of the most popular snacks are these chocolate snacks.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Daniel Radcliffe Has "Horns" In New Movie (Trailer and Information)

Daniel Radcliffe's first-ever movie after the Harry Potter series was when he accepted the role of a young attorney who went to a haunted mansion in the horror film, "The Woman in Black." Now, he really has stepped out of that iconic role with a scar on the forehead as he dared once again in a horror/suspense movie with this time, Daniel Radcliffe plays a person who grew a couple of horns.

"Horns" Movie Summary/Synopsis/Plot 

Daniel Radcliffe plays Ig Perrish, the never-convicted prime suspect in the violent rape and murder of his girlfriend Merrin (played by Juno Temple). Hungover from a night of hard drinking some time later, Ig awakens one morning to find horns growing from his head and soon realizes that their power drives people to confess their sins and give in to their most selfish and unspeakable impulses – an effective tool in his quest to discover the true circumstances of his late girlfriend’s tragedy and to exact revenge on her killer.

The upcoming horror/suspense movie, "Horns" starring Daniel Radcliffe is said to be Daniel's best performance in his entire career. The movie directed by Alexandre Aja and an adaptation by Keith Bunin from one of Joe Hill’s novels. Local cinema distributors has yet to announce the showing of "Horns" in movie theaters in the Philippines, but it will first scare it way to UK cinemas (and probably in the US) on October 31, 2014. Watch Daniel Radcliffe's "Horns" movie trailers below.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Watch ABS-CBN's "Pure Love" Episodes (1 to 3) for FREE!

ABS-CBN's primetime drama (teleserye), "Pure Love" starring Yen Santos, Matt Evans, Joseph Marco, Arjo Atayde, Yam Concepcion and Alex Gonzaga among others, is now the newest primetime sensation drama on TV. Since it started over a month ago, the story of Diane (played by Alex Gonzaga) and how she copes up with her 40-day travel which led to the discovery of secrets from the people surrounding her, the primetime teleserye got the televiewers' curiosity on how the story will unfold.

To those who haven't watched "Pure Love" on TV, here's your chance to watch the full episodes of "Pure Love" episodes 1 to 3 for your convenience. ABS-CBN Online channel on YouTube uploaded the first three episodes for your catch-up viewing of "Pure Love" on ABS-CBN. Don't miss this chance to watch ABS-CBN's "Pure Love" episodes for FREE! Below are the first three episodes of "Pure Love" on ABS-CBN. Enjoy!

Watch ABS-CBN's "Pure Love" episodes for FREE 

 Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Will There Be An "Aquaman" Movie Coming Soon?

With "Batman vs Superman" movie in the works, moviegoers, fans, and netizens are asking will there be an "Aquaman" movie coming soon? If DC Entertainment are planning to have a "Justice League" movie in the future, then surely, an "Aquaman" movie must be in the works, too?

Well, the fans' speculations of an upcoming "Aquamanmovie must come to an end because Warner Bros. are confirming that they are already hiring not just one but two screenwriters to write two separate scripts of the said movie.

Just recently, the movie production outfit, Warner Bros. hired the talents of "Gangster Squad" writer, Will Beall and "300: Rise of an Empire" writer Kurt Johnstad to write separate scripts for "Aquaman," one of the installments of the multi-movie DC Comics characters' cinematic universe. Maybe they are planning to have a head-to-head cinematic combat against Marvel Entertainment which already introduced some of the characters in the Marvel Universe in the same multi-movie platform schemes.

What really "controversial" about this hiring of two separate writers to write the "Aquamanmovie scripts is that both screenwriters are writing for the same project. It's a battle between the screenwriters on whoever gets the better version of the story wins. This practice is said to allow for release dates to be set while an ongoing project is still in the works. It is speculated that Warner Bros. will have at least nine untitled DC Comics character movies in the coming years. But the movie outfit is not talking or commenting about their upcoming movie projects.

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