Saturday, July 11, 2015

Online Marketing Plans for Digital Marketing Campaigns

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One of the first tasks I did for my new company as a part time marketing assistant was to convince my new boss to try out different social media websites for our company's digital marketing campaigns. A lot of companies nowadays are turning to different social media websites for their marketing campaigns due to its wide reach, ease of access, and being affordable as well. By using some of these social media websites, we may also targeting potential clients abroad without even trying it.

What is online marketing? 

Online marketing or Internet marketing refers to a set of online tools, resources, strategies, and methodologies used for communicating with consumers, followers, and potential clients by building an online community and getting instant feedback as well as promoting products and services, through the use of the Internet. It involves the creation of content, publishing the content in different social media platforms, and sharing the content to others through these social media websites.

The main key to a successful online marketing plan is to build first an online community. For example, on Facebook, the online community is called "Friends" or “Likers,” on Twitter and Instagram, on the other hand, the term used is “Followers,” while on LinkedIn, they called it “Professional Network,” and so on. Using the followers in different social media platforms, we can now build an online community and start doing digital marketing campaign strategies.

What is an online community? 

By definition, an online community is a virtual community whose members interact with each other by sharing information, ideas, and personal messages among others with the use of different social media websites. Promoting products and services using different social media websites may be done while making your online community grow, but of course, the main priority is to build an empire that will trust your products and services and not just an additional member of your online group. Once the online community is built, everything can be done with ease and will follow through.

There are several types of social media platforms available in the Internet that can be used for building a successful and interactive online community. There are microblogging and photo-sharing websites, video-sharing websites, group-buying websites, and other social media websites available in the Internet. All you have to do is to find out what's the best suited social media tool/s for you or your boss' business/es.

On the next discussion, we will tackle some of the types of social media websites and their examples.

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