Sunday, August 10, 2014

Home Cleaning For Kids: Simple Ways to Remove The Clutter

Cleaning can be a hard task to do. When things are all scattered around in your home or in your room, it is experiencing a "clutter". A cluttered home/room is an unorganized home/room. Sometimes when you want to start cleaning your cluttered home/room, it's really hard to know where to start the cleaning.

But there are simple ways to remove the clutter in your home or room. Soon after, you'll see that your home/room is as spic-and-span as before. Here are simple ways to remove the clutter in your home:

Home Cleaning Ideas for Kids

  • Dirty clothes should be put inside a laundry basket and not on top of bed or on the floor. If you have dirty clothes all over your room, and your room stinks already, you may asked your mother to buy you a laundry basket. You may also practice your hoops while putting the dirty clothes into the basket.
  • Scattered books can get dust that will make your books ugly. If you love reading books, you don't want to make your books ugly, right? You may ask your parents to provide a bookshelf and organize all your books there. You may also put a mattress on the floor or a reading table near the bookshelf and turn that place into a reading nook or a personal library. This way, you can have a place to study or read in your free time.
  • Unused toys and other items can be placed inside a big box with cover and be put under the bed or somewhere that seems to be organized such as the top of a cabinet, or under the cupboard. The toy box should have cover to prevent cockroaches lay their eggs on your toys. Cockroaches love smelly or dark areas where they can hide and lay eggs. If your toy box has a cover, you may prevent cockroaches from spreading. Not only that, you may also preserve the quality of your toys, especially if they are collectible ones.
  • As for clean clothes, they should not mixed up with the dirty ones. Clean clothes should be inside a clothes cabinet or inside a plastic box organizer with cover. Clean clothes should be organized and well-ironed. When your mother is using a fabric conditioner, having a covered plastic organized will preserved the fragrance of the clothes even longer.
  • And finally, shoes and slippers should not be kept in a closed cabinet. They should be put in an open cabinet where air can freely flow through. You can prevent smelly shoes and slippers if the cabinet is also near a sun-lit area. The sun may serve as deodorizer to the shoes and slippers which kills the germs on it. 
So there. If you want to live a clean life inside your home or your room, you may follow the steps given above to become organized and free from clutter dilemma. Home cleaning is easy! I'll leave you with this video on how to remove your clutter from your home from a newscast on ABC's WCPO. 

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