Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Costume Ideas!

This is the time of the year when people around the world is tricking and treating the neighborhood for the Halloween and starting to look for Halloween Costume Ideas that will surely fit their taste. If you don't have any idea yet what Halloween costume you would like to wear this coming Halloween Party near your block, then I guess this blog post might help you find ways to be creative this Halloween season. Here's a list of Halloween Costume Ideas for you!

Halloween Costume Ideas

[Kurt looking at Sheldon who is dressed as the Doppler Effect]
Kurt: So what are you, a zebra?
Sheldon: [to Leonard] Yet another child left behind.

• If you are a fan of the American TV Series The Big Bang Theory... it never fails to be fit in a Doppler Effect Halloween costume... hahhaha... love it!

• Obviously, at this point, you might conclude that I am a big fan of the TV Series, The Big Bang Theory, hehehe... so I would suggest also that you can go on for a Flash costume on Halloween.. but of course, you might ask your friends about your Halloween costume first or you will all end up having the same costume for the Halloween... hahahha... beats me...

• If you are into hot sexy Halloween costume thingies.. you might want to have a Halloween costume just like this one (link)... hahahha

• If you are into some crazy stuffs and you want to play with your wild imaginations... these Crazy Halloween Costume Ideas will surely the best thing for you! nyahahaha...

• But wait, there's more...! Halloween is not just for adults who wants to become kid again.. there are also Halloween costumes especially made for kids! Check these cutest Halloween costumes from!

• And finally last, but certainly not the least... if you are looking for some Funny Halloween Costume Ideas.. there are a lot of Halloween costumes out there available on the Internet! All you have to do is do some research and voila! The funny Halloween Costume ideas are up for grabs! For a start.. here is a google images search results for the Funny Halloween Costume Ideas! Enjoy surfing!

Happy Halloween to everyone!

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  1. the Flash costume equals instant 6-pack abs. LOL

  2. @kelvin: hahaha... yah! that would be a nice Halloween costume for people who want instant six pack abs! heheheh...

  3. I like the Flash costume, too! I love 6-pack abs, what can I say. If only on Halloween. Ahehehe

  4. Well Yatot, you already know what I'm going as. haha!

  5. Looks like most of the guys here are into the 6 pack abs. lol.. Not a bad idea. Anybody thought about 'keeping' the abs for next Halloween? ^^ All the best.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  6. @jan: who doesnt want a six pack abs no! nyahahhaha

    @reyjr: of course... tell me a DOST scholar who would want to have a Doppler Effect as their halloween costume! hahhaha Bazinga!

    @Ching Ya: yah! we all want to have that six pack abs! nyahahha... thanks for dropping by!

  7. i love the link whose halloween costumes for babies. haha. twas' too funny and also the flash costume on the sitcom big bang theory that i frequently watch on jack.

  8. @geb0i: well.. well.. well.. welcome to the big bang theory fanatics club! nyahahahha...


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