Sunday, August 17, 2014

'Banana Nite' Comedian Jobert Austria aka 'Kuya Jobert' Attempts Suicide

Comedian Jobert Austria a.k.a. "Kuya Jobert" of ABS-CBN late night comedy show "Banana Nite" was on the news yesterday after an attempt to jump off a building of a Hotel in Quezon Avenue in Quezon City.

The comedian told the QCPD policemen who took custody of him that his life was in danger after her girlfriend's former partner sent him death threats. The former partner found his whereabouts via his cellphone's tracking device and sent him malicious texts about killing him. This made Jobert Austria depressed and feared for his life and decided to have an attempt to jump off the building of the hotel. The comedian is said to having personal problems. Luckily, Jobert Austria (Kuya Jobert) did not continue to jump off the building and is now safe. An investigation is going on about this incident. (Source)

It's so unfortunate that this suicide attempt has to occur when people are depressed or having a depression. Ending your life is not the solution to your problems. We've lost a seasoned comedian in Hollywood via Robin Williams and I cannot afford to lose another comedian via Kuya Jobert this time. I'm sure Kuya Jobert can handle all these things. Jobert Austria a.k.a. Kuya Jobert is one of the funny guys on YouTube way back in his simpler days, when he was not yet an "artista" and known only as Kuya Jobert. I remember his videos in YouTube and watching them again also bring back funny moments.

Below are three of what I think are the best videos of Jobert Austria a.k.a. Kuya Jobert.

Kuya Jobert: Peras

Kuya Jobert: Dingdong

Kuya Jobert: Kamias

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  1. yes i agree.. he's really awesome.. just checked his site lol, didnt know that he even plays dota.. hahaha..

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