Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Will There Be An "Aquaman" Movie Coming Soon?

With "Batman vs Superman" movie in the works, moviegoers, fans, and netizens are asking will there be an "Aquaman" movie coming soon? If DC Entertainment are planning to have a "Justice League" movie in the future, then surely, an "Aquaman" movie must be in the works, too?

Well, the fans' speculations of an upcoming "Aquamanmovie must come to an end because Warner Bros. are confirming that they are already hiring not just one but two screenwriters to write two separate scripts of the said movie.

Just recently, the movie production outfit, Warner Bros. hired the talents of "Gangster Squad" writer, Will Beall and "300: Rise of an Empire" writer Kurt Johnstad to write separate scripts for "Aquaman," one of the installments of the multi-movie DC Comics characters' cinematic universe. Maybe they are planning to have a head-to-head cinematic combat against Marvel Entertainment which already introduced some of the characters in the Marvel Universe in the same multi-movie platform schemes.

What really "controversial" about this hiring of two separate writers to write the "Aquamanmovie scripts is that both screenwriters are writing for the same project. It's a battle between the screenwriters on whoever gets the better version of the story wins. This practice is said to allow for release dates to be set while an ongoing project is still in the works. It is speculated that Warner Bros. will have at least nine untitled DC Comics character movies in the coming years. But the movie outfit is not talking or commenting about their upcoming movie projects.

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