Friday, August 1, 2014

Twinings Raspberry and Echinacea Infusion Tea

The first time I drank this red tea was when I was invited in a mini reunion with my high school friends about two years ago. It was a short after dinner meet up at Caffe da Roma (located in Oreta Sports Complex in Malabon) sometime in November of 2012. They invited me to eat some cake with them as we exchanged chit-chats but I was already full due to some heavy merienda in the office. I can't have another food in my stomach so I just ordered something to drink. I ordered the Twinings Raspberry and Echinacea Infusion Tea to blend with my friends.

The Twinings Infusion Tea in Caffe da Roma costs P50. I said to myself that it was pricey for a hot tea drink with red color. But then I remembered, it was Twinings. Twinings teas are really expensive when I tried to buy a box of it in the supermarket. This infusion tea of raspberry and echinacea (a variety of daisy) taste a little bit sweet but as you let the tea bag submerged for a long time in hot water, making it darker in color, the taste of the tea becomes a little bit sour. 

I let one of my officemate friends to try the Twinings Raspberry and Echinacea Infusion Tea when I already bought some for my consumption (because I liked the tea very much, I bought a box a few days after that). I gave her three tea bags for her to try. Surprisingly, we have the same result. This Twinings Infusion Tea flavor really becomes sour as you let the tea bag submerged in hot water for a long time. It must be the echinacea flower petals. 

Lesson learned: just let your tea bag submerged in hot water for 3 to 5 minutes. The infusion tea is a lot more different than that of regular teas. I can drink a regular tea with the tea bag dipped in my cup for so long, but with this infusion tea from Twinings, you just have to follow directions.


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