Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ramen X's Delicious Ramen Dishes

It's just one of those Saturday afternoons after work when officemate friends Marlo and Kayle asked me to have an early dinner slash late merienda with them. We went to Eton Centris (one of those malls located in Quezon Avenue, Quezon City) to find something to eat. We haven't tried eating ramen lately so we decided to try Ramen X and their signature ramen dishes.

We ordered Gyu Niku Ramen (below), the house specialty X-Ramen (below), and Oishi Ramen (above). I tried the Oishi Ramen of Ramen X, and true to its name, that ramen is oishi (delicious)! Oh, it was Marlo's treat by the way, that's why Kayle and I were happy that day! Not only that... my stomach was also happy! 'Till next ramen adventure Marlo and Kayle!


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