Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pizza Hut's Mushroom Soup

About how many times my friends and I went to Pizza Hut to dine in? I really can't count it with my fingers really. Every time there is something to talk about or something came up at each other's office or we just really need some air to breathe in, we message each other and meet at the mall. When we finally decide to eat dinner, Pizza Hut is just one of the choices we go dine into.

At Pizza Hut, we usually order the combo meal. This comes with either a pizza meal with a garden salad or a rice meal with soup. When I order a rice meal I choose between mushroom soup or chicken soup. The chicken soup usually prevails as the winner especially when I ordered the chicken meal, but for some occasions, the mushroom soup wins. This mushroom soup from Pizza Hut comes with crunchy croutons and some herbs, and of course, mushroom slices. It usually a little bit thick in consistency, so if you order the mushroom soup from Pizza Hut that is not so thick or a little soupy, you may ask for a replacement, I guess.

The Pizza Hut Mushroom Soup is a lot more different than the other mushroom soup that KFC serves. This one's a bit yellowish, thicker, and with croutons. KFC serves otherwise. So, if there will be battle between mushroom soups of different fast-food chains, I guess the Pizza Hut Mushroom Soup will prevail as the big winner. Have you tried it, lately?


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