Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Rio 2" (3D) First Look Photos and Movie Trailer Finally Released!

When the 2011 animated film "Rio" ended, the first thing I thought was, "that was it?" the story of the rare blue macaw lovebirds from Brazil, Blu and Jewel had already ended when they defeated the white cockatoo named Nigel? What a cliffhanger, right? How I wished back then that the movie has a sequel. Guess what? Wishes do come true! Hahaha!

Recently, Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox released the official first movie trailer of "Rio 2"! Yay! A new adventure awaits Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) and Jewel (Anne Hathaway) now that they have created a family of their own. The story seems a little a little familiar to me, but I will wait until next year (2014) until the movie "Rio 2" is finally released before I can give my judgment. By the way, the first look photos of "Rio 2" are also released! Some of them are posted here. Here's a quick look of what's going on with "Rio 2"the movie.

"Rio 2" News and Information

Rio 2” continues the grandeur of adventure as we see Blu and Jewel raise their children while unexpectedly meeting relatives in the wild and dodging dangers brought about by familiar and new set of villains. Together with their oddball company of friends, Blu and Jewel venture from the magical city of Rio De Janeiro and the wild Amazon to raise their children. Along the way, they rediscover Jewel’s long-lost father Eduardo (voiced by Oscar nominee Andy Garcia) and all kinds of new friends and baddies set to rock the Amazon jungle with laughter and exciting adventure in 3D.

Also reprising their roles are George Lopez, Tracy Morgan, Will.I.Am, Jemaine Clement, Leslie Mann, Rodrigo Santoro, and Jamie Foxx. New characters are voiced by an all-new stellar cast as well including Oscar® nominee Andy Garcia, Grammy® winner Bruno Mars, Emmy®/Tony® winner Kristin Chenoweth, Oscar®/Emmy®/Tony®/Grammy® winner Rita Moreno, "The Hunger Games'" Amandla Stenberg, singer/actress Rachel Crow, "Looper's" Pierce Gagnon, and "Today" news anchor Natalie Morales.

"Rio 2" Summary/Plot/Synopsis

Facing new challenges in raising a family, Blu is once again uprooted from his comfort zone as he meets his father-in-law Eduardo in the Amazon who has obvious reservations on the domesticated Blu. Moreso, compounding the in-laws issue is Jewel’s suave ex-boyfriend Roberto (voiced by Bruno Mars) who stirs up Blu’s jealousy.

As if ruffled feathers are not enough, familiar and new fiends follow aiming to do some fowl damage on the clan. The conniving cockatoo Nigel (voiced by Clement) has now teamed up with a poisonous frog named Gabi (voiced by Christine Chenoweth) to spoil the party.

"So there's a big adventure to the Amazon," says Brazilian director Carlos Saldanha. "It's very much a journey for Blu and Jewel's family. Feathers do get ruffled. Threats are very real, however, from the deadly Nigel, the sadistic sulphur-crested cockatoo. He's better and badder than ever. He's a delicious villain."

Rio 2” in 3D will open April 9, 2014 in theaters around the Philippines from Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox. Below are the first look photos of "Rio 2" and first release of the official movie trailer and teaser. Enjoy!

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