Monday, March 5, 2012

What's Your Favorite Coffee Drink Mix?

Experts say that coffee sure has a lot of benefits for the body. Some people like to drink it black, some like it sweet, others prefer their coffee with creamer, while some others mix it with some other stuff to make their coffee even more delicious or to give that extra kick to their daily caffeine intake. If you would ask me, I really want my coffee with different mixes.

There are times that I deprive myself with coffee. I called it the coffee hiatus. This practice usually spans for a couple of weeks or so. But there are certain things that cannot be avoided, so my skipping of coffee routine will eventually fail and lo and behold, the next time I check myself, I am drinking coffee once again.

Pure coffee drink for me is too acidic. My stomach cannot withstand pure coffee drink. So, whenever I got the chance to drink coffee, I always see to it that I put some cool stuffs to mix with my coffee. By doing this, coffee will not be too acidic for me anymore.

So, this is a story about my coffee drinking experience and how I mix and match different ready-to-drink coffee mixes. Like I said, I am not used to pure coffee drinking. I usually drink the usual instant 3-in-1 coffee drink mix with some other stuffs added to make it more exciting. Just a disclaimer on this: I do not intend to endorse any product. My intention is to give information on my favorite coffee drink mixes that I have drank during my coffee drinking experiments. The products that I will mention below did not pay me or give me anything, cash or material, to give some review. But I would be happy and glad if they DID! Hahaha! I just love drinking and mixing coffee. That's all!

And now, I present to you my favorite coffee drink mixes that I personally mix and match. Below are some of my favorite coffee mixes that I find deliciously exciting to drink:

1. Regular and Brown coffee 3-in-1s

a. Kopiko 3-in-1
b. Kopiko Brown Coffee
c. Nescafe Strong 'N Rich
d. Nescafe Brown 'N Creamy
e. Blend 45 3-in-1

2. Coffee mixes with milk

a. Regular coffee (1 tbsp) + brown sugar + Birch Tree powder milk
b. Regular 3-in-1s + Birch Tree powder milk
c. Brown coffee mixes + 1 tsp coffee + Birch Tree powder milk

3. Coffee mixes with Milo

a. Kopiko Brown Coffee + coffee (1tsp) + Milo + Birch Tree powder milk
b. Regular 3-in-1s + Milo
c. Regular coffee (1tbsp) + brown sugar + Milo + Birch Tree powder milk
d. Nescafe Brown 'N Creamy + coffee (1tsp) + Milo + Birch Tree powder milk

Based from my coffee drink mixes, the Kopiko Brown Coffee mix is best when you mix it with Milo Chocolate Milk Drink. It is in its highest quality when you put it with Birch Tree powder milk. Birch Tree powder milk is the milk that I prefer with my coffee drink because of its richness and creaminess. As compared to any other milk products or coffee creamer substitute out there, Birch Tree powdered filled milk gives out the best creamy coffee when it comes to quality.

Kopiko Brown Coffee already has some cocoa ingredients in it. When you look closely at its packaging, the label would tell you that Kopiko Brown coffee is a "more in 1" coffee drink mix. By checking the ingredients behind the packaging, you will notice that the ingredients contain some cocoa or chocolate product. This makes Kopiko Brown coffee mix delicious by drinking it as its own, but even much more delicious when you put some Milo chocolate drink in it. If you haven't tried this coffee combination, well, I guess, now is the time to break that coffee boundary barrier and go beyond the usual coffee drinking experience.

The other ready-to-drink coffee mixes (the one which are individually packed in sachets for personal consumption) available in the Philippines are still okay. I only prefer drinking some of the abovementioned products because they are what I drink most of the time.

There you have it. My favorite coffee drink mixes that I find satisfyingly delicious and heavenly exciting to my discriminating taste! Hahaha! All I have to find is a coffee drinking companion and I'm like the luckiest person on Earth! Enjoy drinking coffee!


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