Saturday, May 10, 2008

One superb online magazine portfolio!

If you haven't noticed it yet, my blog's description under the title above is already changed to what this blog entry's title is telling you! Yeah! From the very beginning, Yatot Chronicles (YC) has been constantly evolving... from a simple good-for-nothing blog, to a lyrics and entertainment blog, to food recipe blog, until to a blogging and writing blog. And yet, another breakthrough YC is entering right now... a change, for a better blogging experience.

The month of April has been a very tiring experience for me — company outings, work deadline nearing, this and that, busy schedules, etc. Because of this, my blog was somewhat on the verge of permanent hiatus. But thanks to my loyal readers (shoutout to saturn, jehz and allen, wahehehhee...) I still continue blogging as a hobby on a sprouting manner, whatever that means! Hahhaha....

Anyway, this week, I come up to a decision to make my blog a little bit more enjoyable for me and my readers. So, I came up with this idea to turn my blogging and writing blog into an online magazine portfolio. With this idea, I will limit my blog's label/category into seven (7) groups, but expand any possibilities of writing blog entries. But how will I do that with only 7 categories?

The Seven Labels/Categories

The decision was really hard actually. At first, I have to review all of my blog entries. Then, think of a playful, yet easy to remember label names that will summarize each blog entries to fit to a particular label. Then, I changed each labels, one by one. And finally, I came up with the following labels (which can be viewed easily on the above menu, center column):

LIFE AND LEISURE. Like any section in a magazine, Life and Leisure features different writings on life that focuses on life itself, love and relationship, society life, and social events, gatherings and happenings, and leisure that tells my travelogue diaries and other stuffs. Basically, it's all about life's happenings — happy moments, emo moments, parties, whatever things. So far, I haven't written anything new yet on this section. But rest assured, on the coming days, you can find my blog entries on my travel to Ilocos Region, Luneta Park, Manila Ocean Park, Tagaytay and Batangas Beach. Yeah! So better stick around for that!

BLOGGING AND WRITING. This section discusses my blogging and writing experiences as a blogger and as writer. It's some sort of an online portfolio to me. Anything that the blogging world has to offer will be discussed in this section. From different blogtools, personal blogging experiences, blogging tips up to my experiences as a writer in a science magazine are slowly but surely discussed here. Soon, I will also post some poetry works, some more writing and blogging tips and hopefully an online novel (that's depending on my schedules, amf!).

LEARNING PROCESS. This particular section focuses mainly on educating readers. It's information and entertainment in one... infotainment that is! In here, readers will be amazed on what they will discover on different things around him/her. It's a friendly online tutorial that will teach every reader on how to cook a particular recipe, know different things on health and science, and the use of alternative searching portal. Basically, this section will try to wake sleeping minds and hopefully store some helpful information through retention process.

TECH — THOUGHTS — TIPS. Do I have to say more? Hehehe. The label speaks for itself. This particular section focuses on technology, but not mainly technical, different thoughts of the author (that's me! :P) and some helpful tips in this life called practicality! Hehehe. Yeah! This humble servant is willing to give you his helping hands for practicality's sake. Hahaha... but of course, always remember that I am not a very techie person, so everything that's too technical will make me nosebleed in rapid successions! I might refrain from asking too much technicals! Hahaha!

FUNNY FAMILIAR. Sounds familiar? You might have read it here. Hehehe. "Funny Familiar" is a label/category inspired by the golden oldies hit song of the same title ("Funny Familiar"). Yeah! I like the song very much because it's very catchy with its lyrics and tunes. Whaaaat? You don't know the song...? Anyway, this particular label gives you some funny readings that will make you laugh or cry... whichever you prefer... Hhahhahaa... For this who doesn't know the song, below is an imeem sample.. I'm sure you will know the song when you hear this, hahhahha!

TV AND ENTERTAINMENT. Now, this is a new label for me. This particular section will focused on TV and movie entertainment, even the music industry will be featured here, whenever I like. Hahahaha... There are a lot of things happening around us, and people are hungry for information on their favorite TV show, or movie and music artist/s perhaps, here and abroad. So, I decided to join this bandwagon. Hahahha. Anyway, it's on occasional basis... maybe, maybe not... who knows, right? But one thing is sure to happen, this blog will not turn into a showbiz happenings blog. Hahhaha! Reviews, news and latest happenings in the show business industry are up for grabs!

SOMETHING PERSONAL. And last but definitely the least, my personal space in the world wide web. As of now, this particular section only focuses on updates and some personal blogging activities. But soon, you can find blog entries that it's sooo personal you wanted to be involved! LOLS... okay, maybe not too personal... hahahhaa... lets see what we can do about this! You know... it's kinda negotiable right now... hahahhaha... but one thing again is sure with this section... it's all ME! Hahahahaha...!

So there, YC has evolved once more. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please... feel free to post any of them here on the comment section or email me using this address: yatotski [at] gmail [dot] com (, I am willing to communicate with you! Thanks for visiting and reading!

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  1. @jan: yay! thanks for the compliment! if you want.. tulungan kitang ayusin ang blog mo! pero wag ngaun... hahhahha... maybe sa january na lang... probably we can do that through YM... it's ok... i already done this (changing template to others) several times before! :D

    and thanks for adding me in your reader! hehehhe

  2. Yatot: Thanks,ayan, my mentor na ko. hehehe

  3. @jan: hehehhe... no problem.. it's my pleasure... basta hindi busy ok lng! :D

  4. Yes! It's so hot in the Philippines. I feel like eating halo-halo all the time. And I have to take a bath again during the evenings. I'm afraid to go out during lunchtime because I'm going to be burned.

  5. @miracel: yah... totally agree with you! i guess you wrote your comments in the wrong blog article... wahehheh... but that's okay.. thanks for writing your comments... and yeah... it's so hot talaga!


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