Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's The Season To Be Jolly!

And I am not talking about Christmas yet! It's this time of the year once again when the inner couch potato in me is released, thanks to the much-awaited return of my favorite hit American TV shows. I mean, who can't resist their newest seasons, right? And who can't say no to Zooey Deschannel? The longest season perhaps that I am religiously following is already 8 years old! That's 8 freaking seasons that I just can't let go! No way, man! Besides, Barney Stinson is the inspiration of this awesome website and why it has come to life! Who doesn't want to be awesome, right?

Anyway, if you've been following 2 Broke Girls, New Girl, Glee, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, and most especially How I Met Your Mother, chances are, we are in the same wavelength and I love you! Hahaha! Some of the above-mentioned series has already started while others are still waiting their time to be shown. I never followed vampire-inspired series because it's so gay, but Glee is something different. In my defense, I love music than vampires! Moving on. Hahaha!

Here's my observation about this season's Fall Series:

1) Some of the series' pilot episode mentioned "Winter is coming!" or has a dialogue mentioning it or anything that has something to do with "Game of Thrones".

2) Jake Puckerman of Glee is like a glamourized Barack Obama.

3) How I Met Your Mother is a non-linear story as always. I can't wait for Ted to finally meet his wife and finally see her face!

4) I haven't finished yet Game of Thrones season 1 so I still have a lot of catching up to do.

5) 2 Broke Girls has the same sex-related, pun intended, comedy. This season must be all about Han. Hahaha!

6) New Girl is as funny as ever! The Romney episode is the funniest episode as of this writing. Hahaha!

7) Of all the series that I am following, I am very much excited to The Walking Dead. Season 3 The Prison, based on what I've heard and read, is much more exciting than The Farm season of it. Can't wait for it to be shown.

Now who will not love these series? How about you? What's your favorite TV series that you are crazy about?


  1. I only follow the game of thrones and the walking dead from the series you mentioned.

    Read/heard the whole GOT books (the ones that are available) and can't wait to keep watching season 3 of the walking dead.

    1. @zorlone: bah! big bang theory and how i met your mother are also good series, too! the former will let go the inner geek in you while the latter will ooze the awesomeness juice... hahaha! i have 6 seasons of TBBT and 8 seasons of HIMYM.. wanna have some? you still have time to catch up! hahaha!


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