Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Classic Savory E-meal Food Review

Whenever I have a chance to stroll alone by the SM Annex Mall at SM North Edsa, I always glanced at this particular eating place there which I wanted to go to for a very long time. I never had eaten anything at any Classic Savory Chicken Fast Food or Restaurant chain. So, when I had my "me time" one saturday afternoon after work, I never hesitated to think, not even thought twice, I immediately entered the Classic Savory premises and ordered for something that I really wanted to enjoy the most — eat chicken!

The Classic Savory Fast Food chain located at SM Annex is very much different from all other Savory branches that I have known in pictures. It is a fast food chain, so everything that you eat from this branch is discounted or offered at a very affordable price. Unlike the newly opened Classic Savory branch at 5th Avenue, Caloocan that I had eaten my dinner with, this particular branch at SM Annex has an ambiance that is very pleasant in the eyes equipped with brilliant colors and a very relaxed mode — something that your eyes will enjoy while you stuff your stomach with something delicious!

Classic Savory E-meal Value Meal

And my taste buds were never wrong! It was my first time to eat at any Classic Savory branch (restaurant included) and I was not disappointed with what I have eaten there. Indeed, when my brain told me that their star-anise flavored chicken gravy was something to try (I am a fan of chicken gravy!), I knew my brain made the right choice on commanding my feet to walk through their doorstep.

I never knew what I will be going to eat that day, but my cravings for anything chicken that very moment led me to choose E-meal number 3, the 1-piece Savory chicken meal with creamy mushroom fish fillet, a cup of rice, an 16 oz. iced tea. But I haven't stopped there. My taste buds also craved for something soup, so I also ordered a cup of crab and corn soup for an additional 30-pesos from the 119-pesos value meal of my E-meal.

I initially wanted E-meal number 4, the one with crab and corn soup, but I also wanted to try the creamy fish fillet. Fortunately, the lady crew was really helpful to me, she was my deciding factor and made my decision firm and final. For just an additional 30-pesos, I ate two viands (chicken and fish fillet), a cup of rice, a cup of crab and corn soup, and a 16 oz. of iced tea. One does not simply ordered fish fillet with cream of mushroom sauce at a bargain price, so I think, this meal is really a jackpot for my stomach!

So how's the food, anyway?

The server/crew served me a Classic Savory Chicken Wings, cooked to their traditional way of cooking. I wished she served me a breast part or a thigh part, but she gave me a wing part instead. But the chicken wing part is really tasty. Just the way I liked it! The creamy mushroom fish fillet is just right, not salty, and still soft. The star-anise flavored gravy fits just perfectly with the chicken. Actually, the chicken alone is enough. But, I liked mine with gravy! Trust me!

The crab and corn soup could had be done better. It is a little bit corn-y on the side... taste that is. I was actually looking for the crabby flavor side of it at the back of my tongue, but I failed. Tasty, yes, but it was corn-y not crabby. Balancing the flavor should be done with the soup.

The medium-size 16 oz. iced tea is a no joke. Just the right amount of iced tea drink to push everything from your mouth to your esophagus to your stomach is being served to you. I also ordered the service water for added attraction.

What about the service? Pricing?

Believe it or not, the service is really fast and amazing! It's not that they blow fire while serving it, but it was really fast. It's like they already knew what I am going to eat! That fast, really! Well, the service from the Classic Savory 5th Avenue branch is not fast... and so I had to compare. But the thing is, the Classic Savory 5th Avenue branch is a restaurant and the one at SM Annex is a fast food chain. Just wishful thinking that all branches should be like the one at SM Annex.

I guess, at 119-pesos you get two viands, chicken and fish fillet, a medium-size iced tea, a cup of plain rice, and a gravy sauce; plus an additional 30-pesos for the crab and corn soup, the Classic Savory E-meal number 3 that I ordered is really worth every penny! A total of 149-pesos for a heart-felt meal. I simply love it!

So, if you had a chance to drop by at any Classic Savory branches out there, try their E-meal value food meal choices available at very affordable prices at 99-pesos and 119-pesos depending on your choice of meal. The branch that I have eaten my E-meal is located at:

Classic Savory
2nd Floor, The Annex
SM City, North Edsa, Quezon City
Contact numbers: 709-4570 / 0917-599-3396
Available for Delivery and Special Functions

Enjoy eating!


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