Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Road To Blogging Nirvana

Before buying a domain name, there are things that you ought to know. The blogging experience is not complete as a whole if you did not experience the road to blogging nirvana. The road to blogging nirvana is not as easy as what you think, but if you know how to handle them, properly, the blogging nirvana will be yours with ease. Now here are the things that you should know in order to have a blogging nirvana:

1) Desire. All things begin with the desire to do something. From a desire to share, desire to write, desire to give free information, and up to desire to maintain your blog are just some of the important things to know before starting to blog. If the virtue of "desire" is not present at the beginning of your road in finding the blogging nirvana, then it is such a waste of time if you just buy a domain name and let it stand somewhere in the blogosphere.

2) Passion. Enthusiasm is the key to success. If you love doing something, you must have been showing passion to it. So in order to succeed on something, passion is needed. Once you started on something, you do it until the end. This is how blogging works. It's like Pringles™ where once you pop, you just can't stop.

3) Sufferings. As the movies say, all heroes should suffer, but this does not necessarily mean you as a blogger, should experience physical pains and then eventually you will realize you have this "inner" strength and power that will exhibit later on during your sufferings. No. It does not work that way. Sufferings from blogging may be a little bit different. In the blogging world, competition is very tough. Getting an audience or readers would really take a lot of time, effort, determination and perseverance to achieve success in blogging. I also went through difficult times during the beginning of my blogging career. However, I managed it somehow, and perhaps, have conquered the different sufferings from blogging and now experiencing the blogging nirvana.

4) Creativity. Blogging is not just writing blog entries alone, it is an art. Having a writing style is not really that hard to have. But maintaining to your writing style is what your readers can like to keep them coming for more stories from you. You can always change or experiment for writing styles once in a while, but of course, always stick to what writing style your readers has fall in love with.

5) Reward. The ultimate step in achieving the blogging nirvana is of course having a reward. Reward should be something non-material in nature such as increase in visitors, blog readers, comments, blogging friends and contacts, and so much more. Otherwise, the blogging nirvana is not achieved and must go back to old drawing board. A reward such as money from blogging should always be secondary in terms of priority. Money is not always first to think when it comes to blogging, because if you do think that way, achieving the blogging nirvana will not come to you the very first time you try to blog.

So there, if you want to fulfill your dreams of becoming a successful blogger, a blogging nirvana should come to your realization first. Otherwise, blogging will not become successful. Do you have anything to add? Why not write down your comments on the space provided below. Thanks for reading.

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