Friday, August 1, 2008

When is the right time to open your heart again?

Whoa! It's been almost a year now, since I stopped writing the LOVE DIARIES section of my blog due to tight schedule of work here in the office. Gladly, after 11 months of absence, finally, I am bringing back love diaries once again because based from my experiments, a lot of readers coming from different search engines are looking for some love stories. Hehehe.

Anyway, since I am bringing back love diaries today, I now declared August as the start of love month here in my blog. Hehehe. Hopefully, if my schedules fit in, love diaries will be out twice a month with two weeks interval. And yeah, every Friday! Hehehe. And since it's time for some loving here in my blog, let me ask you this particular question that I know a lot of people can relate to: When is the right time to open your heart again? Hmmm... I don't know about you, but all I know is that it's now time to open the love diaries section in my blog once again! Hahaha. And because of that, I am opening once again the LOVE DIARIES category for easy browsing experience. And oh, before I forgot, lets see our letter sender, Janet's very familiar story.

Dear Love Diaries,

I am a product of a failed relationship. It's been eight months already since I decided to end up my relationship with Ron, a high school English teacher in a private school here in Dumaguete, when he impregnated his childhood female friend near his town. Being a teacher with a reputable image, he and the "girl" decided to settle everything through marriage.

I was hurt, and I still am. I felt betrayed by the person I loved most. My trust was broken, my every piece of what I have is shattered. I can't go on with my life because everything that I am was taken by him. He was my life. He became a part of me. Ron had betrayed me, and along the way, as he march down the carpeted aisle, he dragged every part of my body.

One day, I felt empty, blank and speechless when I finally heard the "news" right straight from Ron's mouth. At first, I was not a believer because I did not believe in hearsays. A friend once told me that she saw Ron, my boyfriend of four years, with another girl, dating in a mall. I did not believe her. I wished I did.

Until that one rainy night, Ron, broke all of my speculations. He was all soaked in the rain when he finally told me the truth. Then suddenly, a strong wind had blown my umbrella. The wind broke my umbrella while Ron broke my heart. Luckily, it's raining that night, Ron didn't see me crying. We parted ways.

There was this guy in our office who is very patient of waiting for me. When I was with Ron before, he said to me that he will court me, no matter what. But I told him I was with a guy, my boyfriend, Ron, and that the "eyes" in the office were hungry for some gossips and intrigues, they wanted to see a girl who's a real two-timer. I guess the problem was with me, I made the office guy do his moves and intentions. I don't want to be the center of attention and intrigues. So, I said to office guy to stop courting me because it's not good to look at. I also explained to him that I was having a relationship with Ron that time. He did stop courting, but he said that he is still right beside me, waiting.

When the guy in the office learned that I broke up with Ron because of that impregnation incident, I know he would be there to comfort me as a friend. Three months later, he said that he will court me again, and that he will take care of me. But I am just not ready yet for another relationship that would only make my heart broken. He said that he will not do what Ron did to me, that no two people would and could commit the same mistake and that he loves me very much, he wanted to be with me for the rest of his life.

I'm speechless. I felt his sincerity. I just said to myself, "Yeah, right!" It's now the office guy's fifth month of courting. But I am not just ready to open my heart for some love. I'm afraid, I don't know what to do. Please enlightened me on this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Janet, if you are reading this, I know that you are hurting and you are confused. I hope the following song can help you ease the pain that you are feeling right now.

Kahit Na - Zsa Zsa Padilla

Dear Readers of Love Diaries, let's help Janet enlightened her mind and heart on her love problem. What do you think of her situation? Is she ready to open her heart with the office guy and finally forget her past relationship? Is the office guy worthy of her trust? If you have something to say to Janet, feel free to write your comments or love advice.

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  1. I don't think it's a good idea to get stuck in the past, centering your whole life around a man who left you. So why not speak honestly to that guy from the office and explain to him that you still miss your ex but you are ready to have a new chance with him. At least it will give you some confidence and you will see that the world doesn't consist of only one man! Evryone has something good in their personality, it just takes time to discover!

  2. it seems that janet is not yet moving on from his past relationship:

    2 advice:

    1. the guy should respect janet's decision. It's not easy to let go of people who are dear to you. The guy might just end up as a rebound

    2. Janet should help herself move on in order to give her heart achance to heal. Sometimes healing takes place when there is medicine available.--- the guy. If she will continue to sulk herself on the past, she would really have a hard time of entertaining suitors.

    mahirap actually kalagayan ni Janet because its not easy to let go and plus the fact that she could just resort to rebounding..

    hay buhay pag ibig nga naman

  3. @alina: i agree with you... new chances shall be given to other people who promise to make you happy... now this also applies to Janet...

    @blue: yup... healing takes time... and Janet should move on with her life... it's not easy to forget... but it is not easier to live in the past...

    thanks for the comments guys...

  4. Pre, You should ask Zorlone the same question....

    Hehehehe! Peace Doc Z!

  5. @jhong medina: oooohh... quite revealing!!! i'll be taking notes... hahhahha!


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