Thursday, July 12, 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Movie Review — Seriously Exciting to Watch!

I am neither a fan of American history nor of vampire movies, but when the two ideas where combined together in one awesome epic movie, I think the idea is something that no one can simply just ignore. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter the President by Day and Vampire Hunter at Night , is an alternate story of what could have happened to the life of one of America's greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln before he became the president that everyone idolized. Thanks to the wild imagination of fusion fiction writer and author, Seth Grahame-Smith. The title might give you a laugh, or maybe a smirk, or whatever, but this movie is seriously one of the serious and decent vampire movies there is.

About the Movie

When Abraham Lincoln (Benjamin Walker ) was still a kid, he witness an unfortunate event of slavery that led him swore to end this mischief when he gets older. Not long after that, Abe's mother died of unknown disease. But little Abraham believed it was a vampire who killed his mother. This misfortune of fate seeks for revenge to their landlord whom he believed killed his beloved mother.

During one of his life's events, while he was self-studying American law, Abraham Lincoln met Henry. Henry believed that the now a young adult, Abraham Lincoln's mother was really killed by a vampire. But Henry said it was not enough to seek revenge to only one person. The only solution is to kill all the vampires. Henry introduced the world of vampires to him. Equipped with a silver axe, Abraham Lincoln started his quest to become a vampire hunter.

The Movie Review

I was actually excited to watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter on the big screen not because of its theme, its lead actor, or its cinematography or special effects. I was excited to see the movie because Russian director Timur Bekmambetov directed the movie. Director Bekmambetov is known for his works in the 2008 hit action movie, Wanted, starring James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, and Angelina Jolie, and producing the 2011 alien movie, The Darkest Hour .

Benjamin Walker as Abraham Lincoln

If you are really a fan of Director Timur's works, you can actually spot his signatures distributed all over the movie — 1) happy part; 2) dragging part; 3) special effects part; 4) stressful part; and 5) surprise ending. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter falls under, I think up to 4 or all categories, depending on your taste or opinion.

I actually did not pay much attention to actor Benjamin Walker, but in all fairness to him, "that" accent is really hard to achieve! Benjamin Walker has done a good job in this movie, but who can tell if his gestures were the same as the real Abraham Lincoln. But that familiar beard and tall top hat really looks good on him.

Watching Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter on the big screen with my friends gives a lot of stress. As I said before, although the title suggests that the movie will somewhat give you a laugh, a smirk, or a smile, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a serious movie about vampires and hunting them. That is what I like about this movie. No cutesy, cheesy, teeny bopper one-liners, no underacting, poker face reaction, and no beefy, wolf-turning lads and shining-shimmering vampires (fairies on some point). The story is just focused on a man, who seeks justice for his mother, trying to fight the country against slavery, and saving the people and the world to vampire dominations.

So, if watching vampire movies is your trip these days, minus the cutesy love story, but with added action, thrill, and excitement, and you are pegging beards and top hats these days, then Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is the right movie to watch! It is still showing in theaters anywhere! Come on and give it a try! Below is the full trailer of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter movie to entice you to watch it, right now! Enjoy!


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