Friday, March 25, 2011

Job Hunting Tips for Beginners ~ A Must!

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In my experience as a job hunter in my early years of searching for a wonderful career that will suite my lifestyle, I learned several things each time I went from one company to another. Job hunting is not only a tiring activity for most newly-graduate students, but also a learning experience, too, whether in life or finding the right career for you. For me, looking a job that will suite my career path goals in life is a continuous everyday learning experience.

Yes, finding a job everywhere, interviews, walking long distances, finding the locations, etc. — they are all very tiring to do. Sometimes, all of your efforts are worthless. But for some, their hardships in finding the perfect job is all worth it when they land on their most dreamed job ever!

Job hunting is not really that hard, that is, if you know the basics of job hunting. I have written some tips on job hunting for beginners here that can help first time job hunting warrior like you overcome the hardships that you might encounter while looking for a job. These are just simple tips for you, you may or may not follow them, constructively or whatever. Below are a list of job hunting essentials for beginner job hunters:

• Search for a job that you really like!
• Invest on yourself.
• Make a winning resume!
• Be prepared for the job interview!
• Always remember to do follow ups!
• Think a lot before signing up!
• Be ready on your first day of work!

For the description of these tips, you may click here. Thank you.

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  1. Whoa! The way you put it really sounds convincing. It's true that job hunting is not hard, but, it being unprepared is different. If you're really looking for a job, you should be prepared and confident. Make sure that you're also well-dressed on the day of your interview, to make a good first impression.

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