Friday, February 20, 2009

The Crisis of Credit: Visualized!

Jonathan Jarvis, an L.A. based designer at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, made this very cool thesis work in the Media Design Program that he took. In this video, he beautifully explained in simple and plain English, how the credit crisis in the world started and affected each and everyone of us.

...creator Jonathan Jarvis “explores the use of new media to make sense of an increasingly complex world.” With these videos, he succeeds beautifully. In an increasingly chaotic media landscape, sometimes only a college student’s YouTube upload can make sense of anything. (Source.)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SEO Tips for Beginners!

I can't help but to smile soooo big everytime my blog entries made it to the top of the searches for every known search engine available. Actually, this is not the first time, I made it on top of the searches. Last year, I had a post about some of the blog entries I wrote that I made it on top of the searches. This year, I want to share some of my SEO blogging experience using different keywords that are you are almost familiar with because this just happened recently. But I must warn you, this blog entry is really very long! Hahahha... Okay now, without further ado, here are my stories and simple SEO tips for beginners:

May Bukas Pa TV Show

• I am always a fan of ABS-CBN shows ever since they were back on air during the 1990's. That's why you always see here different ABS-CBN show promotions. And one of them is the recently opened May Bukas Pa. Luckily, I made it on top.

SEO TIP: Put the specific keywords in the title!

curious case of benjamin button where to watch online

• I never thought that "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" would be a big hit when I posted a blog entry about it. And I never made it on google's blogsearch ever. So, when I found out that, tadda! There goes my blog link, I now don't have doubts that I can be on google blogsearch.

SEO TIP: Include some of the important keywords in the blog entry's paragraph. The closer each keywords are, the better!

watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

• Now this one's a really weird thing. I never made it on the number one spot, but visitors from Canada is keep on coming back to my blog to search on where to watch that Brad Pitt movie. I guess, I'm just a lucky blogger! Hehehe...

SEO TIP: Include some of the important keywords in the blog entry's URL address!

watch the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

• Have you had some visitors from Turkey? I had. Hahaha... And they are also looking for this Brad Pitt movie!

SEO TIP: Make the blog entry's title all visible in the search results page!

watch the curious case of benjamin button online

• Now here's a really curious case! Why do you think people coming from different places wants to watch the Benjamin Button movie online? I also thought about it! People are too busy, I guess to watch them in theaters... or perhaps, they have no money to go to a theater neat them, and the only resources they have is the power of the internet. And oh, maybe they got curious about this film, they wanted to see it first online than in theaters first. Who knows, really?

SEO TIP: Don't forget to put the word "online"! ;)

Harrison Touchdown Video

• I must admit, I am a fan of NFL during my college years. But because things really change when you grow up, you tend to forget some of the things you do or watch when you are younger. So, when I found out that the finals for the Super Bowl is happening that day, I blogged about it. But of course, I blogged on something else. And I found the video posted here.

SEO TIP: Blog on something that recently happening or happened in the immediate past.

lg cookie cellphone

• Aside from I, not being a fan of google blogsearch, I am not also a fan of MSN live search engine. But fortunately, my blog entry on LG cookie cellphone made it on top of MSN Search. Hehehe... lucky me! aaaww!

SEO TIP: Blog on something that will give interest to readers such as gadgets, cellphones, cameras, etc. and write your personal thought on it!

macbook big wheel

• When the revolutionary macbook wheel was announced over at Onion News Network's website, I knew I should be blogging about it. Even though that the macbook wheel is just a creative idea of technological breakthrough and a hoax, hehhee, I managed to be included on the top 5 of google search. Aaaaww! :D

SEO TIP: Blog on something that stirs up a real controversy no matter how funny or awful it would be! Hahaha!

You Changed My Life music video

• I must admit, I am a fan of their of their first ever screen team-up via the movie "A Very Special Love". So, it wouldn't hurt a bit if I posted a sequel blog dedicated for their sequel movie. Hehehe...

SEO TIP: Update a blog entry that you previously wrote if there are follow-up events or happenings, especially if the follow up thingie is a popular genre, pop icon artists, movie or events.

Valentine love text quotes

• It's my first time actually to have a post on Valentine's Day text quotes, but this is just to promote my Lotsa Quotes blog. I never thought I would beat the SEO master himself marhgil of with his love quotes posting, too! Hehehe... Now that's two links for you, marhgil, hehhehe! :D

SEO TIP: Highlight important keywords in every blog entry for google to crawl. Just check out my post and check on the bold words, here. And oh, this reminds me, there are also bold words here in this blog entry!!!

So there, if your are trying to beat some very big SEO masters in the blogosphere, I think some of these SEO tips for beginners would really make a difference if you follow them religiously. Happy SEO-ing!

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