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4 Types of Social Media Websites for Your Business

There are several types of social media platforms and websites available in the Internet that can be used for building a successful and interactive online community. These social media websites are being used not just by people, celebrity or not, who wanted to make friends and followers online, but also by some of the biggest companies and industries, which basically make our living.

From the consumer good industries and food manufacturing, to clothing, housing, financial sectors, technology companies, and small- and medium-scale enterprises among others use social media websites to promote or sell a particular product because of its accessibility and affordability as well.

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One must be familiar to not just one but at least some of the social media websites in order to be updated with what's going with the world today. We simply can't bring a television anywhere to watch and catch the evening news, but we can always bring smartphones and tablets to become updated with your favorite basketball team, with your favorite band or celebrity, with news and society, and with basically what's happening with the world, right? All of these news and information are can be found with just some clicks on your smartphones.

Starting Your Online Presence

If you are starting a business and advertisement on TV or radio is not an option due to expensive airtimes, using different social media websites is the solution due to its, as mentioned above, accessibility and affordability. One company or business must know the basics of using these social media websites and become creative in using them to become successful with their digital word-of-mouth or online presence.

One must also find out what's the best suited social media websites or tool/s for their business. Below are some of the suggested social media websites, their types, and suggested strategy that a new business can use for online promotions and building online communities:

Types of Social Media Websites

1) Social Media Websites

Facebook. What started out as a simple website to connect all the university students is now one of the world's busiest and biggest websites today. Using Facebook, a company can make their own Facebook page where people can like and share whatever is posted there, write a comment, or even post videos. This social media website is easily accessible to all because almost everyone on this planet is now on Facebook.

Google+. Google's answer to Facebook, Google+ is one of the fast-rising social media websites where we can use to build an online community. Using gmail account, we can make a Google+ Page of a company or product information. There are a lot of google users in the Internet. We can take advantage of that.

LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional network social media website. A lot of companies are making their LinkedIn Profiles to interact with potential clients or networks and to post news or jobs in the Internet. Having a LinkedIn Profile for your business suggests that the company is so damn serious about building a network online.

Other social media websites with similar genre: Tumblr

2) Microblogging/Photo-Sharing Websites

Twitter. Twitter is one of the most powerful social media website / tools to build an online community or promote your product. Using this online tool, we can get instant feedback, suggestions, recommendations, or violent reactions with your company's followers as they use your product. Can be used easily with #hashtags.

Instagram. Instagram is a photo-sharing and video-sharing website that can be automatically connected with your company's Twitter and Facebook accounts. You must use a mobile device or a smartphone to upload photos and videos, microblog, and interact with your Instagram followers. Most businesses use Instagram for online selling and promotions of their products. Can also be used easily with #hashtags.

Other social media websites with similar genre: Flickr, Hootsuite

3) Video-Sharing Website

YouTube. When your company is ready for those audio-video presentations and uploaded commercials, you can use YouTube as a medium for sharing the uploaded videos. You can also use YouTube to launch a viral video campaign and start promoting your product through a digital word-of-mouth strategy.

Other social media websites with similar genre: Vine

4) Group-buying Websites

Metrodeal, CashCashPinoy, BeEconomic, Ensogo, Lazada, etc.

These group-buying websites require e-vouchers to purchase products with validity dates that usually last for three to four months. Online customers will buy e-coupons from each website, print the e-vouchers, pay through banks, and pick-up the products that they have ordered online in a certain pick-up location. The customers, however, should call first if they will pick-up their ordered products so that these companies can prepare your order beforehand. The customer can use the voucher until its validation.

Some restaurants use these group-buying websites to promote their food by posting meals or platters at discounted prices. Other establishments that use these group buying websites are hotels and resorts, spas, and online vendors.

These group-buying websites are found to be effective to busy people who are always on-the-go and do not have time to go shopping. Customers who also use these websites love to shop at discounted prices.

Other social media websites with similar genre: OLX

Do you use any of these social media websites for your business? Share us your thoughts and comments below.

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